Build 94 Problem with Tidal continue

The situation which was introduced with build 88 persists with build 94. Tidal causes system to crash, as it is trying to sync.

Windows 7 Pro
RoonServer (headless)
Intel iCore 5 (4590 processor) - HP Prodesk - dedicated to ROON server, nothing else running
Music is on QNAP NAS, with Minimserver running. Connected as: SMB://MusicNAS-1\Multimedia\QMusic\ - it connects and has properly added my library of roughly 1,200 albums
USB to Stello U3 USB to S/PDIF converter to PS Audio Nuwave DAC

Works fine when Tidal is not logged in. As soon as I click on a Tidal album to add it to my collection, it crashes ROON, maybe not immediately but within 5 minutes. Cannot reconnect to Roon Server, have to jump into Settings to disable Tidal, then everything, works fine.


I too had the same problem with Tidal. Will try again tomorrow to see if the problem continues.

My Tidal issues seem fixed. Integration works. Not crashing upon Tidal login. Adding / deleting albums works as before.

2012 Mac Mini, Yosemite, 26,000 tracks.

Hey @Rick_McIntyre – thanks for the report.

We reproduced this crash in house using the previous release and we’re not experiencing it anymore, so this is surprising. Are you sure you updated your Core and Remote?

I just PM’d you some information about sending us logs. Let me know how it goes, and we’ll figure this out. Thanks!


I can confirm that the problem still exists for me. I tried this twice and Tidal is still crashing while synching.


I got the email from you and will get you the data requested after I get home from work today. But yes, I upgraded the core (using Roonserver) and on the Mac Pro (as a remote) I upgraded to build 94 and my primary remote is my iPad running build 88.

Ok, thanks guys. Looks like this problem is resolved on OSX, but something is still off on Windows. We’re gathering information and looking into this, and I’ve been in touch with both of you via PM.

Ok, I’ve done what causes the problem and have uploaded the logs.