Build 952 is insane

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i5 running rock build 952

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti 24port POE.
4x nanoHD access points
Protectli box running untangle

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Atom
RopieeXL → Benchmark DAC
Apple Homepod
Apple Airport Express
MAtrix Audio Mini-3 Pro

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Build 952 is not good for me.

The core is working well, in that when I get music playing, it serves it up just fine. But my remotes (all macs) are going crazy. I have two iMacs (both i7’s) and a m1 max macbook pro that all exhibit the same symptoms:

I start the remote client and it will flicker for a few seconds. The flicker is part my start page like albums or home, and the other part of the flicker is it saying it can’t find the core. Then it settles down for a few seconds (sometimes more), and then it starts again. I often get sent back to the top of album view, etc. Then it will eventually crash. Sometimes it crashes in seconds, sometimes minutes. IT is slowly increasing memory usage, but I’m not sure if it’s increasing faster than it used to, but my current remote on the machine I’m typing on is now sitting at 1.09gb of memory. All remotes are also build 952.

I have rebooted all three machines, and I rebooted the core. I’ve restarted the server software several times on the core.

I have updated the firmware on my ubiquiti access points. Nothing else is giving me issues (teams meetings, video streaming, etc), so I don’t think it’s my network. I have one client wired to the switch and two that are on wifi.

Can I revert back to an older version?


Hey @Sheldon_Stokes,

Thanks for getting in touch with your report. This does sound a bit wonky, we’d be happy to help. I’ve pulled analytics for your Core so we can take a closer look.

Would you mind grabbing a screen-recording of this behavior so we can get a sense of what you’re seeing? I’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

OK, here is a screen recording from my desktop iMac (running Monterey 12.4). I have it both wired and wifi to my network. I turned off wifi with no changes in behavior.

In these screen recordings, I had just restarted the iMac to make sure there were no issues. I am showing the rock web page showing that it thinks everything is good. in the second recording you can see that the roon remote memory footprint keeps growing. I’m not sure if that is normal, since I’ve never had a need to check it out before. It could be doing some caching in the background etc. But it’s maybe a hint.

There are two behaviors of the remotes. The first recording is after a fresh reboot, and never establishes a connection with the core reliably. It crashes shortly after starting:

The second recording is me bringing up activity monitor and then restarting the roon remote client. IT then behaves a bit better. Where is seems ok, until you start to scroll or otherwise interact with the core. It flickers between the connected stateand looking for the core rapidly back and forth. I show the versions in the about pane, and such, hopefully this will be enlightening.

This second one is long, but I didn’t edit it down so you can see the memory expansion in real time.

To anyone playing along at home, enjoy my mac desktop.


PS, another note: My ios remote is working perfectly. I have the latest iphone running the latest ios, and no problems. Streaming is fine once I get it started which can be tricky on the mac.

Another data point, my Dell XPS13 laptop works just fine with build 952. Core is playing music like always and the remote works as expected. This is a mac thing it appears.


I posted my observations of memory usage of Roon Remote running on my MacBook Pro.
I found that the memory usage is stable while the Roon Remote window is minimized. If you leave the window open, memory usage may keep increasing even if you don’t interact with it.

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