Build 970 Feedback

Win10 currently working without issue for me, a strange situation indeed . :thinking:


Still seems to be some kind of memory leak…only not as bad. After a few days, my Roon Core went from using 1.6GB of RAM to nearly 4GB of RAM, which really does seem excessive and related to uptime and not workload.

I’m able to know it’s time to go reboot when everything gets sluggish on my remotes.

For me remotes interfere with each other. If I have more than one remote running it’s completely unusable. But If I only have one, it seems to work ok. So I have to make sure I quit the remote application when I get up from one computer and more to another area of the house.


Does not happen to me, all of my remotes work fine: Windows 11 on Surface / Dell, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro. All are in use, I happen to grab one wherever it is convenient for me.

That’s interesting. I have much less trouble on my installation with just one remote.

But I want all my remotes!!!

It may be down to the DoS attack but noticing that playback of albums has a longer start time than normal on a zone that’s already switched to Roon.

What, where & (of course) when?

Thanks Dave, amazing that absolutely no-one is safe with the hackers continually trying to make a fast buck.
There is just so much going on it’s near impossible to keep up, and that’s only with the legitimate stuff!

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I’ve had a few random queue stops and my Windows 10 remote has crashed twice today; same error as previous crashes. I’m not sure if this due to some sort of Windows + Android remote issue, but it’s annoying and prompting me to again look at piecing together a Roon alternative.