Build 99 Can't edit images

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Can’t edit images now…

Hi G997,

I can edit album covers with Build 99.

Can you describe what has changed for you ?

Can’t drag new images into edit field…nothing happens

Check they are JPEG images. Some types won’t work in my experience.

Yes they are jpegs
I just restarted the room program and was able to add a jpeg one time to the album in question then no go when I try to do it again with a different image…
I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that its a DSD128 download?

I’ve also experienced problems with drag&drop on multiple occasions. I’m running Roon on OSX.

However when you click in the box that says “drag images here” you get a window from where you can select the file you want to use. Adding a picture this way has always worked for me.

Also on the IPad app, editing a picture and clicking in the drag her box causes the app to close.


Thank you so much. I was just complaining about the lack of this feature in another thread. This is a life saver.

OK, that didn’t work for me. I was able to get to the file open dialog and select my image file, but then Roon basically hangs. I get a screen like this:

Notice that the save button has no blue background and clicking anywhere on the screen does nothing. I have to quit Roon to get it to work again.

Let’s flag down @mike and @vova to look into this.

Drag n drop has always been problematic for me, but not being able to add from the file dialogue is new.

As a workaround if you save a cover pic into the album folder of a Roon library and name it “cover.jpg” or “folder.jpg” then Roon will pick it up if you hit Rescan Album.

Can everyone having issues here let me know:

  • The type of image file you’re having issues with
  • Where the image is stored
  • The exact steps you’re taking to import the image into Roon

I’m seeing some issues and I’m hoping to get them resolved for 1.2, but I want to make sure we’re all talking about the same issues. Thanks all!

I’ll give you the info for the image that I posted above, but on my system, I get this problem with EVERY image and every disk. Here’s the data on my image file:

The file is stored on the same laptop that is running Roon Remote.

The exact steps are as follows:

  1. Find album with bad cover art.
  2. Click on pencil icon
  3. In Album Editor, click on Edit Fields tab
  4. Scroll to album art section and click Add Images button
  5. At this point, a dialog open up saying “Drag images here.” If you do drag an image there, the mouse cursor changes to a green + sign which normally indicates that one can drag and drop to that location, but nothing happens. This happens with every album and any dragged image file.
  6. If you click on “Drag images here,” you get a finder open files dialog, and if you navigate to the file location, select the image file and click open, the file appears to load, but at that point, the save button is not highlighted Roon is completely locked up. The only solution at this point is to force quit Roon. Upon restart, the new album art in question is actually saved to the album.

As I said, this happens for me with every album I try and any .jpg image file.

One slight modification to the above: It is possible that in step 6, Roon isn’t hanging, just thinking really hard. I went through the steps above to be able to correctly list all the steps and when I got the hang in step 6, instead of quitting Roon, I just walked away from my laptop for 10 minutes. When I came back, the Save button had highlighting and was clickable.