Build 99 update fails

When I try to update, about 2/3 the way through it quits and I get this message: There was an error checking for an update.

Have never had this problem before. I am not currently connected to my NAS, I don’t know if that may be hindering. But also I see there’s a problem with Aries and so this may be a non-starter for me.

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Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 99) is live!:

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 99) is live!:

Got this message as well, I quit Roon and restarted my Mac mini and it the updated without issue

Well Roon is gone from my system (running Windows 10). I did nothing to uninstall it. No sign of it though in my Programs folders or in searching the hard drive. Pretty weird.

Hey @rcaudio – Roon installs to the location described here.

Any chance you’ve done something non-standard related to your Windows user? Maybe installed as a different user? Installed as an administrator? Anything like that?

Nope, nothing like that. Only thing I’ve done recently is update Pono Music, and any Windows update. But, I found the old executable in Users~\AppsData, renamed it to roon.exe, launched it then I was able to make the update. All seems to back to normal.