Build Playlists?

I had a friend absolutely kill it this weekend with my library. She pulled great music, queued it up and kept the party going. How the heck do you build playlists in Roon?

It should be easy. If i want to save queued songs as a playlist, make it so. Or just let someone add anything to an a ad hoc list, on the fly.

This looks like a weak point in the software and Radio often picks some very weird tracks after a set of good queued songs. Roon needs a PARTY/Minimal funciton mode. I have big parties and having several ipads with queuing would be cool. Virtual and mobile juke box.

Have you read Create Playlist in the Roon Knowledge Base?

Seems easy enough to me (and I have never tried to build a playlist until now). Just select Playlist, My Playlists, New Playlist to create. Then is is as simple as using the thrre dot menu to the right of a track to add it to a playlist.

Quite intuitive I thought.

Hi Chris,

After the party, go into History and select all the songs you want by right click or long press, click the 3 dots icon and select + Add To A Playlist. You can add to a current playlist or create a new one.

Cheers, Greg

Yes I’ve seen all of these options. Way too many clicks. Dumb it down so it’s easy to select any number of tracks and just add them to a playlist. Or if roon radio knows what suggestions it’s going to make, show them to me so I can decide to just add them to a playlist or cut some out.

I want library analysis and suggestions based upon a genre or artist. Then I want to be certain that the playlist is solid before I let roon off and running.

Not having file tree view is killing me. I know where my music is and I want to go to it and just add tracks.

The UI really needs to be simplified with great consistency.

Also - would be way cool if you could share playlists with other users.

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