Building a roon bridge/endpoint device that performs as well as SOTM 200 ultra?

(Ricky Sheth) #1

Hey everyone I was enjoying my PC (as roon core), modem/router -> ethernet-> SOTM 200 ultra (powered with sps 500) -> dx usb -> DAC setup for almost a year before my SOTM 200 ultra stopped working. I am trying to get it fixed now.

In the mean time I started considering other streamers like bdp2/3, u1 mini etc.

But I saw some diy videos about building custom music servers with a fanless design. Also installing ROCK for intel nuc.

So my question is, is it possible to build a roon bridge/endpoint device, whether its custom and fanless or simply an intel nuc with a really good PSU that is cheaper but as good as something like an sotm 200 ultra?


(Henry) #2

It is easily possible to build or even buy something you might enjoy as much. However a lot of what you are doing is jumping through hoops to accommodate your DAC. I presume it’s pretty good. However I’d be looking at a single box streaming solution, Ethernet in, analogue audio out.

(danny2) #3

IMO, yes. I just did something similar: went from fancy streamer to fanless NUC. I’m using Windows 10, because I want a couple of playack options in addition to Roon, but I think this setup is just as good.

There are some nice fanless NUCs - custom builds - also offered on the market. Yes, it will cost you more, but you get something that works and looks nice. Fanless PCs with heatpipes are a bit of a pain to build. If that, doesn’t bother you, go for it.

(Mike) #4

Something cheap to stand in for your sotm 200 ultra could be a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (~$35 plus PSU), and RoPieee. Or, you could just temporarily move your PC/Core and connect it directly to your DAC via USB.

(Mikael Ollars) #5

While i haven’t heard the Ultra my own sMS-200 was replaced by an Allo USBridge. I preferred the USBridge and i can hardly distinguish any differences between it and the Asus Tinkerboard SBC. Id also recommend trying out the Raspberry Pi4 which has proper ethernet and USB buses. I haven’t done any critical listening but initial tests didn’t reveal any drawbacks.

(Steven Edwards) #6

The Ultra is a definite step up, especially if you pair it with the tX-USBultra and sPS-500 as I did. This setup replaced the Allo USBridge in my system. The USBridge with dual power supplies sounded very nice and is a worthy endpoint or NAA. Here is a photo of my USBridge build. A couple of items that are not required are the soft start and fiber/ethernet FMC.

(Mikael Ollars) #7

Impressive build! :slight_smile: And i’m sure it improves on both the sMs-200 and the USBridge.
However, an sMS-200 Ultra with txUltra USB and their sPS-500 does cost about five or six times what you pay for an USBridge!
And for those money i made my choice to go with the Auralic Aries G1 (or Lumin D1 for that matter).

There are, as always, many ways to skin a cat! :smiley:

(Steven Edwards) #8

Yes, the G1 is a nice streamer, my buddy uses one. Unfortunately they refuse to support HQPlayer, which is a shame, and one reason I went the SoTM route.