Building my first ROCK NUC


Can someone confirm if the following parts ok for a NUC ROCK build.


I would buy a pair of 4 GB SO-DIMMs instead of a single 8 GB. The NUC should support dual-channel memory.

Samsung is a more popular make for the NVMe SSD, but I have a Western Digital, and It’s been fine.

If you don’t have a USB thumb drive, I’d get a decent 32 GB model. You’ll need it for the BIOS update and to install Roon OS. You can later use it for Roon backups if you wish.


If you take the NUC model with the higher case, you have the option to install an additional SSD.


Those choices are sound. All of the comments made are valid and you might want to consider them if they are deemed useful. An additional internal drive is a reasonable option and dual channel memory would have some benefits although Roon don’t consider it necessary. But your choices should work fine.

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A GEN8 NUC is better for ROCK than a GEN10.

For two of many posts see this and this.

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I would go with a Samsung Pro model, I like using MLC memory for my OS drives.

The Nuc has been setup with those parts. Everything is working great. Thank you for everyone’s input👍🏻

Hello, everyone. I also installed my Nuc with Rock today. An Intel Nuc Mini PC | Intel Quad-Core Turbo 4X 2.30GHz, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB DDR3, Intel HD 500 graphics, 4K resolution, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB3.0, HDMI, VGA, Windows 10 Pro, complete PC, micro PC. It only has a Celleron processor and it runs great. I’m only streaming Tidal and I don’t have any music on an HDD.