Built a rock and need advice on storage location

I followed Darkos new video on building a rock. Originally my roon ran off my I Mac. Music files were stored there also.
The nuk I went with has a place for physical drive but for now I placed all my music files on a 850gb USB drive. Everything works great and I’m warming up to the new roon despite hating the purple tones.
I don’t plan to add much more personal music storage wise.
What are the advantages or disadvantages of placing my usb drive inside the nuk?
I really don’t like the Xtra drive outside.
If I wanted to add some new music is it hard to do if the drive is internal?

As you apparently already know you have several choices, Internal or External, with External you have attached USB or Networked Drive, with internal you have a choice of regular Spinning drive or SSD.

Reading the Roon guides they make it sound more flexible to use the External options, but I, like you, would rather have a clean self contained setup, I chose a 2 TB SSD drive, but as you mentioned a 500GB or 1TB may be fine.

so basically all choices work well it’s all up to your personal preferences.

For adding music, it’s simpily a network share from a remote computer, I use my Win 10 PC and can copy musing via a SMB share using either R:\ or \ROCK\Data

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Internal drive:
+ a nice built-in solution with no other boxes hovering near your core
+ from a performance point of view, probably the best choice out there
- transfer files to the disk goes over the network (and is generally slower)
- disk is formatted in ext4 file system. reading the disk with a different pc more difficult
- there are limitations on the drive’s physical dimensions. not every drive will fit

I’ve just gone to a NUC/external hard drive after the Darko video. Mines just in a cupboard plugged into the main switch. Works a treat