Buld 778 discovery issues

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Nothing has changed in my configuration or network today or any time for a long time. I have had no isssues with any zones. Today after updating to build 778 against better judgement, I am now experiencing very slow discovery of zones many did no appear after the upgrade had reboot the core and devices to get most back, but then Roon refuses point blank to see the Chromecast Audio zone thats been happily working for years. It does not show up in Audo devices or zones. Other google cast devices show up such as my TV and Nvida Shield just not the official Chromecast Audio. It was all ok befiore this update. Infact it shows up in all other apps that support Chromecast.

Turn off core, reboot entire network infrastructure restart Roon. Viola it appears but now lost a Ropieee endpoint. Disconnect and reconnect that endpoint to network Roon sees it.

Why does Roon have to be so poor at discovery it requires my whole network to be reset and reboots of the core. This is not a good UX at all. Nothing happens any other time its always at updates and I reboot my core at other times and dont loose endpoints,

Got them all back, for now. But really pleased about this as since 1.8 its been shocking for discovery.

Hey @CrystalGipsy,

Thank you for your immense patience and clear description of what you’ve been experiencing since, what was at the time of your post, the latest release. I’m sorry it took us this long to reply to this thread.

I wanted to ask if this behavior has still been happening since your post? If so, Dylan and Noris are our best chance at troubleshooting. I’ll be happy to move this thread to their queue :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rebeka last updates have gone through without any troubles and I have not had any repeats of this to this large extent. I have had my phone remote disconnect a few times which has never happend before but since installing the latest version it’s not done that. So it seemed to be isolated to that specific update. I have had this happen before with Chromecasts after a Roon update but it’s not consistent behaviour.