Bulk creation of playlists from genres?

Hey there;

is there a faster way of adding songs to the playlist other than manually? For example, I created two genres, holiday, and eighties, that have about 100 songs each, and I only listen to those songs/albums through the playlist. If I sort by genre, is there a way to add all songs in the genre to the playlist at one time or do I have to do that individually with each song?



Can you go into the tracks view, use the inspector to filter by your genre. Use ctl-A to select all, then you can use the menu (3 dots) at the top to add to a playlist

I do something very similar using a simple search or the focus tool and then creating a bookmark of the result I can then get back to that anytime with a coule of touches, just like with a playlist.

Great thx guys. I’ll try it.