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I have hit play on an album which is a 3 disk set of short piano pieces. (Valentin Silvestrov New Bagatelles). We are about an hour in, heading to the end of the first disc, but there are about 15 pieces still to run. I want it to end at the end of the first CD. Also, I want it to end there without me having to check each time a new track comes on whether it is the last one.

This means going into the queue and selecting all the tracks I don’t want played and removing them. I cannot hit the “clear queue” button as I want to continue to hear the next 15 tracks. So, I then have to manually select each of the remaining tracks on the cue, of which there are about 100 (about 45 tracks per CD). This is an onerous job,


What I want is the capacity, in the queue, to highlight a certain track and either “clear queue from here”, or “select all tracks from here”. Even better than “select from here” would be the capacity to highlight one track and then simply use the down arrow (with shidt or control or something) on the keyboard to highlight the tracks one wanted to manipulate. That way - added bonus - one could remove 90 of the 100 from the queue but still listen to the last 10. Using the arrow would be much MUCH easier than having to do the current very cumbersome process of clicking on 3 or 4 tracks and then scrolling down and then clicking on then next 4 or 5 then scrolling down and doing the next… with 100 to select, that will take me till dinner time… (I’m not sure how to solve this for the ipad, with no equivalent arrow keyboard function).

Generally I agree with those who think the queue works much better now than before - thanks for the great changes in 1.4. But I think there is clearly a case for further improvements on the capacity to manipulate the queue.

(In the end, what I have done here, is cleared the queue and then re-queued the remaining tracks from the one disc of the 3 set that I wanted to finish hearing atm. This way much easier than trying to manipulate the queue itself).


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On a Mac or Windows Desktop, you can right-click on the first queue track you want to select and then shift-click the last track in the range to select the contiguous group. (Actually, I know you can do this on a Mac desktop; I’m guessing it works on a Windows desktop.)

On a tablet, you can’t use modifier keys, but you can long press the first queue track to select and then tap subsequent tracks to add them to the selection. (On the subsequent tracks, you just have to be careful not to tap a “hot” area of the track — I find the track title or duration is good.) So in your situation, having to tap each track isn’t as good as what you can do on a desktop, but it goes pretty quickly.


“Select from here” is implemented. Select a track and see the selection menu at top left of Queue pane.


Thanks for helpful replies!!