Bulk Version Field Preference Change

Hi all.

Previously I customized a few version fields but now I am going to do some physical edits to album folder names with tags, embracing some automatic pick-up of the parentheses, brackets, etc.

Trick is I wish to batch turn all my albums back to ‘prefer file’ for version information. Easy enough for one. Upon multiple selections, this option is there and is either blank or ‘mixed’. Changing the mixed to no entry (ie: blank) seems to make it a blank under the custom version field rather than revert to prefer file.

So…how does one batch force this field back to its default of prefer file?



Hi @Kevin_Dackiw, I just checked this out and I see the same issue … there’s no prefer file option during bulk editing … Let’s tag @support for comment.

I stumbled across the ‘revert edits’ option in the left corner. Selecting the version tag for reversion seems to do the trick and brings it back to default. This may be the solution?


…I do want to mention that it might not revert back to prefer roon but a prior edit…so not guaranteed?

Hi @Kevin_Dackiw,

This can be done, but there is a limit to the number of albums you can select and still have the Edit Album option. The limit is 999 albums.

Hi @dylan,
Notwithstanding the 999 limit … when more than one album is selected the ‘edit album’ tab does not offer the user the “Version - Prefer File Fata” checkbox option (like it does when only 1 album is selected).

Apologies here @Carl and @Kevin_Dackiw,

I mistook what you were asking for the options here:

For that particular field in Edit Albums, that is not an option for bulk-changing.

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