Button (option) to add (favourite) your collection in Tidal

An option to globally tag all my albums as a favourite in Tidal would give me mobile access to about 75% of my collection.

With the new Roon setup, where the Tidal version of each album is shown if available - the data for which albums I own that are in Tidal is already in Roon. So if this could be used to add the Tidal version of all albums I own automatically.

This shouldn’t change my Roon experience except that some of my albums will be shown as MQA rather than my local one if the “highest quality” Tidal version is added.

This would turn my iPhone into a mini Roon and likewise any bluetooth or wireless speaker. It would go a long way towards Roon mobile until the full Monty eventually arrives.

It strikes me that a simple script could probably do this, says he who knows little of coding, but perhaps.

Album A -> check versions, add highest quality Tidal version available to Roon Library, repeat for next album …

(or add CD quality Tidal version to Roon)


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That would be great! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this with Roon export and 3rd party apps like Soundiiz but they all seem to be oriented around playlists as opposed to albums. Guess I’m showing my age.

Anyway good idea, I’ll second that!

Don’t wanna be the devil here, but isn’t this running into tidal restrictions, like maximum number of favorites, really soon? If not I second this.

10k I can live with - understand it might be an issue for others for sure.

I don’t think there is a limit to faves in tidal? Ive added 10000 tracks or more sometimes and a couple of thousand albums. Im sure some here have added 10’s of K’s of albums to Roon from Tidal.