Buy some music from Bandcamp this Friday, February 3rd

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This site is about music, not politics, I get that. That said, as best I can tell, I am 4 or 5 generations removed from immigrants from all over Europe. But, from my cushy living room or office, I listen to music that’s made by artists all over the world, some of whom have struggled mightily and only made their voices heard at great risk. I’ll be buying music on Friday. My tastes go toward progressive rock and jazz, but I’m pretty open-minded. Suggestions?


Bandcamp rules!

And of course, you are also entitled to decide that this is a day you might choose to explicitly avoid purchasing music from Bandcamp. The comments on the Audiostream page devolved rather quickly. My intent in posting this is not to inflame opinions, solely to inform those who are interested, and to solicit suggestions for me for good music available on Bandcamp. Mods, feel free to delete these posts/this thread if you are concerned it will stir the pot, or if things get fired up at any point. Music, music, music!

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Bandcamp is one of my main sources for great contemporary jazz. A few suggestions:

Dada People – Dave Douglas & Frank Woeste
The Armory Concert – Jason Moran
America’s National Parks – Wadada Leo Smith
Claroscuro – Anat Cohen
Alchemy – Amir ElSaffar
Moving Still – Jonathan Finlayson
Silent Movies – Marc Ribot

… lots more there …

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I just bought album by new artist Aleka - self-titled debut. Couple of really great tracks there if follk are looking for suggestions (contemporary jazz also)

Happy hunting!

Just bought 6 albums.

Sounds like an idea, please keep suggestions rolling in.


Yes, I’d appreciate more jazz suggestions … and classical if there is any.

Really appreciate Bandcamp’s gesture here.

I went ahead and purchased the Dave Douglas / Frank Woeste album. Thanks for the recommendation.

(Seems like the Bandcamp server is a bit bogged down, so I take that as a sign they’re getting a good response.)

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Just saw this thread too late, but check out Chicagoan Matt Ulery on bandcamp.