Buying music from within Roon

Don’t want to open a can of worms here, but for me Roon would be really complete if you could purchase music from within Roon itself.

My ideal would be once I’d discovered music I like (via say Tidal, or another service), I could select that album and say ‘buy’. Roon would then go away and get prices for me on CD, and downloads in various formats, and present the info in a nice GUI - including say any subscriptions I have already (maybe Qobuz Sublime where high-res downloads are often discounted).

On confirmation, if I’m not registered I can add payment info, and if I am it will just used saved data, and unless its on physical media, download the stuff and add it to my library.

I know this isn’t trivial, and is perhaps beyond what you’re trying to achieve with Roon, but to me it would be heaven.

Of course it could be disabled, so for those that don’t like such things in their music playback software, they’d never know.

Perhaps something for version 2 or 3 maybe? And you could always start with a smaller number of providers, i.e. Qobuz. :wink:


Or :grinning:

I’d never heard of that - had a quick look, very interesting - is it UK based or international?
I’ll probably test this out for future purchases, but again, that interface! (And so far no sign of download or high-def comparisons in my couple of searches).

And of course, its not seamlessly integrated into Roon :wink:

I do not want this at all, unless you decide to make the program free. I’m paying for a music library management software not a store.

If Roon was ever to become a storefront, I hope they will refund customer their full subscription as they’ve changed direction… there are already a lot of places you can go online to purchase music. I don’t want to pay for a service for the ability to purchase music, seems crazy to me.

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I understand everyone has different wants.

But if this were offered, and you had the option never to see it - what would you lose?
You’d still be paying for a music library management and discovery software, I don’t see what would have changed in a crazy way.

Of course, Roon have probably got no plans for this, but for me it would be a perfect addition, I could play what I have, explore new music via streaming services, and then if I really like something I could easily buy it. Full circle. I don’t really see it as the emphasis being on a storefront.

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I get your point. But if Roon became a piece of software where they made money from being a store where they sold music, then from my POV they cannot have you pay for the software in the first place. Wether or not a user can hide the storefront isn’t the issue, it would be that Roon would be changing directions from a management software to an online seller. That is my only issue if Roon was ever to sell music, they can’t very well charge me $120 a year to buy music from them where they would make their money.

what we are thinking is to do a download manager for a handful of hi-res music stores, so if you didn’t use the stores, then you get nothing to bother you, but if you do, the experience for importing is trivial.

It is not our goal to do a built-in store, the experience prefers to live with the store provider, and not in Roon.


Can I request version 1.1, Roon Speakers and iOS before the download manager? Thanks much. :smile:

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Oh, I’d also like headless mode, linux, and Raspberry Pi 2 image before the download manager. After all that, a download manager might be cool. :smile:

Please… no music stores. Streamers are OK, as it lets you combine your local music with your cloud music. That’s fine, and seems logical. But I don’t see that including stores will add much. No need to do everything in one piece of software.

See I feel passionately the opposite way @paulgh. Streamers are NOT OK. I think that Tidal is more intrusive and obnoxious than integrating a download feature. It is a product from another company not just a way to integrate purchased music into Roon. If I wanted Tidal I’d get Tidal, I don’t want to see that in my music player, which is what Roon is advertised as. It is hypocritical to use the integrated Tidal feature while at the same time complaining about ads, spam or download managers.

No problem with differing opinions. Personally I don’t have a tidal account and I do buy from online stores. But I can see why tidal (and other streamers) are relevant in music cataloging/playing software. What I cannot see is how integrating music stores would add to the roon experience. Right now I can download from a store direct to a watched or organized folder and roon will import the album automatically and flag it as “new”. That’s enough integration for me.

Hey @fritzg your list is missing Squeezebox :grin:

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I agree with you on the process of downloading from a music store, that is exactly what I do. Routing the save location for HDTracks, Pono, Acoustic Sounds, etc is really no issue.

But, while I don’t need any help to set/maintain my downloads to my watched Roon location; there are others users who might because of their network/storage setup.

I wouldn’t want Roon to integrate a bunch of storefronts, being the slippery slope it is (e.g. Changing business model, third party influences, etc.) but I would like the option to see which albums from an artist that aren’t in my collection or available from Tidal.

No. Tidal is a 3rd party product influence in Roon. You can’t complain about adding a download manager while using Tidal. To me there is no difference. The slipperly slopy you complain about was breached when Tidal was integrated.

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jeez… slippery slope implies we are going downhill… so negative!

We’ve learned from the past, and will never do this.

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Don’t lose heart… one man’s slippery slope is another man’s audio playback and exploration dream!


First, I wasn’t complaining.

Second, I was talking specifically about transactional store fronts (which Tidal is not) being a “slippery slope”. Why, because they change the business model and you start making decisions based on driving sales rather than creating the best possible experience for your customers regardless of where they bought their music (thanks danny!).

Now, how much of an influence is Tidal on Roon? I have no idea since I never ran Roon without Tidal, but nothing about the Roon UI makes me think that running it without Tidal would be a problem.

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