Buying music from within Roon

Hi Danny. Has any additional thought/effort been given to this? I just noticed the ability to buy downloads from Tidal. I made a purchase this morning and it was rather confusing. Maybe things are still being sorted out. In fact, I still don’t have the files on my computer. I did see where the Tidal web interface updated to show my purchases but there’s no way to easily download the files I’ve purchased. It’d be great to have Roon handle this for me. I’d also enjoy the same ability for HD Tracks. Thanks for your consideration.

It has not progressed, although communication has begun for popular services, and I just pinged TIDAL about this.

Great! Did you heaI was finally able to locate my downloads. Still a bit convoluted IMHO. Do you know if Tidal has plans to support 96 or 192 kHz purchases? What are your thoughts about adding support for Tidal downloads now that this is an option from them?

I didn’t even know TIDAL released downloads :slight_smile: I know nothing of 96 or 192khz

I think adding a download manager is a good idea.


I think it would help your mission of bringing discoveries through browsing back if when I’m seeing similar artists, or albums, etc if Roon was able to take in some APIs from places such as HDtracks, Pono, etc and at least show me there are high quality downloads available. You wouldn’t have to incorporate an entire music store interface, you could just open the browser if we click on something and we can continue that way.

If you got a few cents for each purchase that could be a pretty nice revenue stream plus it just adds to the insights you already provide. I would have used that so many times and I’ve only had an account for about a week. But right now I’m having to get the inspiration from Roon’s insights. Go to each HD download site. Search for an artist or album. Then try the next site if that one, as usual, doesn’t have it. Then the next. Etc.

I use Allmusic for that right now but Roon could eliminate Allmusic just by having a little extra info on albums/tracks/artists not already in my library.

@danny I have long wanted this. (I know some people disapprove of it, probably communists :grinning:.)

Amazon has a good kickback scheme, I understand.


Are there any posibilities to purchase from within Roon yet?
Since Tidal and Quobuz are integrated anyway, what about purchasing from the Tidal and Quobuz stores?
And of course, HDTracks would be wonderful.

And to those strongly opposed to this idea as I read above: it’s not because the functionality is there that you have to use it.

Sorry little late to the party!

YES I fully support this. Call it Roon Music Online. At the times of Covid and not sure how long, a good quality downloads available similar to HDTracks or any other sites, I would prefer to buy from Roon Music Store or something. Cut a deal with Labels. let them have bulk monies or what ever … Roon should also get % and i m sure I will buy full time from Roon Music Store.

Roon Owners: I would Suggest go even one step further to Launch Roon Online Music Service! But start with Music Online Store. I would like to be one of your fav customer for good quality downloads.

YES! There is nothing legally wrong for Roon to launch Music Online Store. I will not look else where! One system ROON for me! keep buying tracks or albums whatever works!

I support AT LEAST the ability for me to click a link on the album page that takes to to the exact album at the Qobuz download store.

I DO NOT support it taking me to a download service that is not a partner of Roon. Therefore no amazon or Apple or HDtracks. If others disagree with this, perhaps a settings drop down allows us where we want to link to take it where we want it to take us. Therefore if I am on the Tidal option, I can purchase it from Tidal (I didn’t know you could do that until today) and the same for Qobuz (my preferred as a Sublime+ subscriber).

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If you don’t add your Tidal or Qobuz login to Roon you don’t see it in the UI at all.

well… Yes…however…

  1. Way to necro a post nearly 5 years old :slight_smile:
  2. But, my comment had nothing to do with being able to see Tidal in the UI or not.

It was directed at another user who WAS using Tidal but did not want to have storefront integration.

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Not sure I see the benefit in so far as there are so many sites that offer downloads/purchases. I suppose if it was integrated in ROON it would be one less account, “easier” etc… but to put this all together within the ROON environment seems like a tall order (man hrs) and would rather the dev team spend time on priority items?

Additionally, it would seem that individuals actually purchasing music is a very small percent (unfortunately) nowadays. I don’t stream and continue to purchase the highest quality album I can find, set the metadata and throw on my network for ROON to import. That’s just my morals / practice, which again is the minority I’m sure. IOW a “storefront” would cater to a small % I would think.

+100 to this FR. I want to both help support artists more directly and to stabilize my music library by making my music available without streaming it first.

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This should not even be on the table. This is a non-negotiable NO, from a Lifetime subscriber.

I did not purchase Roon to double as an Amazon store-front. If I wanted to purchase music, I would search the music I wanted to purchase, and purchase it. I do not need that to be in Roon, nor do I think we should be devoting developers’ time and effort towards such a silly “feature”.

-1 from me.

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Big +1 here, I would love the convenience of buying a song or album I just heard and would like to own right from where I heard it without having to search the web, create accounts, verify payment methods, etc …

It’s simply an option, nobody has to use it like nobody has to stream from Tidal or Qobuz or nobody has to put their own music in and can choose to only stream.

Roon has built in DSP and EQ which I couldn’t care less about so I simply turn it off.
Or should they remove it because some people don’t like EQ?


This would be great - just integration with a back end store from another provider but seamless integration in Roon.
I’d love that.


This would be awful - Roon is a media player and a catalogue of accessible music. You throw purchases in the mix and all of a sudden it opens the door (inherently) to the interests of advertisers.

I’d hate this.

-Lifetime Subscriber

Interests of advertisers does not mean advertising has to be accepted.
I would also hate advertising in the app and could never see it happening in an expensive software tool like Roon.

As always, the best option is to allow any such feature to be deselected by the user.

  • Lifetime Subscriber also, though not sure why that matters.