Buying music from within Roon

(Gerald Flournoy) #21

Hi Danny. Has any additional thought/effort been given to this? I just noticed the ability to buy downloads from Tidal. I made a purchase this morning and it was rather confusing. Maybe things are still being sorted out. In fact, I still don’t have the files on my computer. I did see where the Tidal web interface updated to show my purchases but there’s no way to easily download the files I’ve purchased. It’d be great to have Roon handle this for me. I’d also enjoy the same ability for HD Tracks. Thanks for your consideration.

(Danny Dulai) #22

It has not progressed, although communication has begun for popular services, and I just pinged TIDAL about this.

(Gerald Flournoy) #23

Great! Did you heaI was finally able to locate my downloads. Still a bit convoluted IMHO. Do you know if Tidal has plans to support 96 or 192 kHz purchases? What are your thoughts about adding support for Tidal downloads now that this is an option from them?

(Danny Dulai) #24

I didn’t even know TIDAL released downloads :slight_smile: I know nothing of 96 or 192khz

I think adding a download manager is a good idea.

(Thomas) #25

I think it would help your mission of bringing discoveries through browsing back if when I’m seeing similar artists, or albums, etc if Roon was able to take in some APIs from places such as HDtracks, Pono, etc and at least show me there are high quality downloads available. You wouldn’t have to incorporate an entire music store interface, you could just open the browser if we click on something and we can continue that way.

If you got a few cents for each purchase that could be a pretty nice revenue stream plus it just adds to the insights you already provide. I would have used that so many times and I’ve only had an account for about a week. But right now I’m having to get the inspiration from Roon’s insights. Go to each HD download site. Search for an artist or album. Then try the next site if that one, as usual, doesn’t have it. Then the next. Etc.

I use Allmusic for that right now but Roon could eliminate Allmusic just by having a little extra info on albums/tracks/artists not already in my library.

(Anders Vinberg) #26

@danny I have long wanted this. (I know some people disapprove of it, probably communists :grinning:.)

Amazon has a good kickback scheme, I understand.


Are there any posibilities to purchase from within Roon yet?
Since Tidal and Quobuz are integrated anyway, what about purchasing from the Tidal and Quobuz stores?
And of course, HDTracks would be wonderful.

And to those strongly opposed to this idea as I read above: it’s not because the functionality is there that you have to use it.