"By This Artist" inconsistencies :-/

depending on which album by a given artist I’m playing (just as an example Neil Young & Crazy Horse “Rust Never Sleeps” is playing now) the content of “By This Artist” sidebar varies showing less or more albums :confused:

(local albums only, no Tidal here :slight_smile: )

The above “By This Artist” is actually correct…and in line with the stated wishes of both Neil Young and Crazy Horse!!

When it comes to Neil Young, I think it can be useful to think of him in the same way as Paul McCartney and The Beatles…i.e. if you are playing a Beatles album, do you expect to see a Paul McCartney album in the “By this Artist” column…and my answer would be no

Take a VERY careful look at the following Album Details screens

On the Beach below lists the Solo Artist called Neil Young as the Primary Artist…and provides a link out to his other albums…as well as his other SOLO albums down the right hand side

Now look closely at Everybody Knows this is Nowhere album detail screen below… here the Artist is the BAND called “Neil Young & Crazy Horse”…i.e. think Beatles and not Neil Young…and on the “By this Artist” column, you will ONLY see Albums for that BAND…hover over the Blue Artist link at the top, and you will see there is no division between NY and CH

And lastly [and this is where it gets confusing, but only to meet the stated requests of NY and CH]…look at the Primary Artist on the 2nd line…and again you will Neil Young & Crazy Horse listed as the Primary Artist

But on the line below that, you will also see that NY and CH are listed SEPARATELY [you can hover over each Artist Name and click on each]…and the difference this time is that the “By this Artist” will show Albums for BOTH NY and CR in that Column…which is exactly what you are seeing above

So, this is by design and to meet the oft stated preferences of these Artists

Ronnie… I fully understand what you say and I might (not 100% sure :wink: ) also agree
point is, though, actual “By This Artist” behaviour, by design or not, is really inconsistent. here’s another example where albums by Neil Young “alone” are mixed up with albums by Neil Young & Crazy Horse (but just some of the latter) :confused:

… and let’s not even start venturing into classical music :wink:

Sorry Paolo
Look again closely at the Rust Never SLeeps screenshot I posted above…look at the 3rd line in blue…and you will see SEPARATE entries for Crazy Horse / Neil Young…and as a result, THAT is why Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust are listed to represent Crazy Horse…while Harvest and Peace Trail represent Neil Young

Go Everybody Knows this is nowhere or Zuma albums…and you will NOT see any Solo albums for Neil Young…again it is consistent with the Beatles v Paul McCartney analogy quoted above

The closer I look the better I see database inconsistencies (my albums are appropriately tagged either “NY” or “NY & CH”) leading to what I described in my first post :wink:

Logical “By This Artist” behaviour should be either:

  • just albums by Neil Young alone (or Neil Young and Crazy Horse) as main artist
  • all albums where Neil Young is among main artists

But THAT is what you are seeing…as I said earlier, Crazy Horse wanted to be listed as a SEPARATE Artist on the Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust Albums…and THAT is why they are listed separately in the Databases and Roon itself

As a further illustration take a look at the following for Zuma by NY & CR…take a look at the By This ArtisT Column, and you will not see any Solo NY albums listed

Now look at the example below…I’ve simply added the exaggerated example of Frank Sinatra as a Primary Artist…and you can see his name in the 3rd line…just as you see the entry for Crazy Horse in the 3rd line for Live Rust and Rust Never Sleeps

And now you can see that Roon also lists Frank Sinatra albums in the By This Artist column…along with the NY & CH albums…but still no Solo albums by Neil Young…see below

The key to understanding this is that at that time [in 1979, but not before that], Crazy Horse demanded to be listed as a separate artist in their own right…and not merely to be considered as Neil Young’s backing band…which is why they are listed separately on Live Rust and Rust Never Sleeps…but NOT on Zuma and Everybody Knows this is Nowhere

This was a “demand” from the Artist [Crazy Horse] and is not a database inconsistency

It’s worthwhile playing around with the Primary Artist field for a few albums…and that will give you a better idea for how the various features work