By-track DSP settings

Would it be possible to create by-track DSP settings?

I understand this is a bit obtuse vis-a-vis the fact that you have many endpoints and DSP is really associated with an endpoint rather than the track.

However, you guys must have been reconfiguring things since MQA first-unfold is a by-track DSP process. [As a side note, it is interesting how something that seems simple like “add first-unfold” can introduce all sorts of code complexities in a multizone design - of course I have no idea what your code looks like]

Why am I asking about this? Because I would really like to have the option to do some fixing of DR compression and clipping on a by-track basis. DSP settings on a by-track basis would be almost a must to be honest.

The one plugin I would love to have is: This is a VST plugin and we discussed the issues with this type of plugin elsewhere.

However, I would really like to have some way to do this. Thx.