By-track or by-album DSP settings

Not sure if this feature is already available. For some Albums the upsampling option makes it sound better and for other it can be the opposite. So, if the chosen setting of this upsampling switch (and perhaps other selection in the DSP menu) could be kept per album that would be very convenient and you don’t have to do the trial of flicking back/forth the switch when you’re listening to that album in future.

It was and I’ve merged your post into it.

Search is your friend … just go to the #roon:feature-requests section of the forum and then search it with a few key word to see what hits you get.

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I am forced to ask again…

Is this in any priority list for implementation?


You’ve been around long enough to know the answer to that. No answer.

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Yes, but I want to keep the topic ALIVE! It’s ALIVE!

I’m not sure how to make them PAY ATTENTION though…

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Teeny tiny percentage of users wanting it (in my opinion)
Considerable effort required to implement it.


I estimate it would require that you have to add an option to add DSP prior to routing to the endpoint. Right now, DSP is endpoint-based. Adding code to include an overall DSP makes a lot of sense to me though - and having architected and coded systems myself, I question the wiseness of the choice, frankly.

If the concern is what happens with a file-based-DSP when an endpoint-based-DSP is applied, the answer is simple: Apply the first one first then the second one. This situation is present right now with the order of the filters applied at the endpoint level.

Additionally, assuming no large corrections, the order of the applications does not matter - it commutes in the linear domain.

I fully agree with you! And only if it is per track I will use DSP. It is just to correct tracks that really need it.

Two examples I care about:

1- 80s albums that are very thin in the bass

2- CDs with pre-emphasis


Just would like to add a very bolded +1 to this feature request. It would be a game changer and a huge differentiator for Roon.

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Thank you! Yes it would be!

I think this would be a wonderful option. I don’t use DSP across the board, because the balance of my system seems right. But some albums/tracks are virtually unlistenable.


I would love to have this as well! :grinning:


Album based DSP whether through tagging (as in JRiver) or some other way is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Not only because some albums require custom parametric eq. but more importantly DSD files do not play AT ALL in their native DSD formats with phase aligned Convolution filters. Having to convert every DSD file to PCM so that it can play with your hard earned room correction is a BUG, not a missing feature IMHO. I am not renewing my membership until this gets done.


Not sure what your setup is, but you surely can have Roon convert DSD files on the fly.

I have a DSD512 capable DAC and many DSD512 albums. I didn’t pay the premium for them to downsample them. I turn off all DSP manually every time they are in the play que and then switch them back on for flac files. Actually I used to, now I’m back to JRiver

To clarify, as there are no convolution filters for DSD files, one needs the ability to selectively turn off DSP for them.

Yes, understood. Thank you. And yes you would benefit from this feature obviously.



As per this thread - By-track or by-album DSP settings - #98 by miguelito I would like to see the ability to store DSP settings on a track by track basis.

Probably due to my DVD drive which I used to rip tracks having an offset which wasn’t taken into account by the ripping software (i’ve now moved to dBPowerAMP for ripping) some of my tracks have the left and right channels reversed.

So if there was the ability to set the DSP to reverse the channels (as I can now) and remember that setting, it would make life so much easier in not having to keep turning on and off DSP settings :slight_smile:

I should clarify, its not just the DSP to reverse the channels but all DSP settings configured by a user per track

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Firstly, I am a strong supporter of track-based DSP settings. Like I said, I don’t think this is a trivial thing for Roon to implement given that (I think) DSP is applied after endpoint routing.

As for your particular issue, what I would recommend is that you transcode those tracks into new tracks with appropriate channel assignments. I don’t know what software would allow you to do that, but surely there’s something out there.

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