Bypass Samplerate Conversion - Android - PLEASE!

Well, I’ve read a lot of posts the past few days. Currently I’m still in test phase, because there are a few things that keep me from subscribing (no Amazon integration, no HRA integration, no Spotify integration, pricing…)
But one things that are really essential for me and I could not find a solution for:
I would really (like others as I’ve read) love to be able to use my Android DAPs (like my Hiby R6) for Bit-perfect streaming via roon. As these devices bypass the Android OS SRC, they are capable of playing hiRes material perfectly. But roon still converts to 48Khz/24bit because it ‘thinks’: “Oh it’s Android, I have to convert, to help it being able to play…”
Why can’t we just get the possibility to bypass the conversion for endpoints?
I’ve seen roon once said something like: maybe sometimes in the future, when we will refactor our Android code… Whatever"
I’d just like to know if there are any news about this?
I mean, this is soooo essential.


I totally agree with you.
I think Roon should be ashamed of itself with regarding how they treat android users.
Love Roon, but how they treat android is a big, really big disappointment.
It would be great if I could use the dac in my LG V40 or with another phone for example the chord mojo.
Until then Roon sucks with android.

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How should that happen? As other manufacturers that want to become Roon Ready have to integrate Roon specific code in their device firmware, I think that it might work if the DAP manufacturers can get the same chance to integrate the Roon code into their products, integrated in the firmware or as separate Roon Bridge app, or alternatively are allowed to provide device specific code to the Android/iOS versions of Roon directly. However, there might be no high resolution support if a manufacturer is not willing to provide it.

The situation for external DACs connected to an Android device is a whole other story. Many devices seem to not support USB Audio with their devices. Playback to external DACs is only possible with a few player apps that ship with a driver that allows them to use external USB Audio compliant DACs AFAIK. That’s why I’ve given up on that road and purchased a Poly for my Mojo. For the devices that support external DACs, the sound might probably still be controlled/limited through the system mixer.

I’m wondering if the much delayed Astell and Kern Roon readiness fits in here somewhere. I can’t see them coming onstream with a 48k limit so I wonder if there is a backbone being coded in with them.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m really thrilled with what roon does, how it is doing it and especially how it feels using it… But I really don’t understand this Apple like ‘we know better what the user wants…’ philosophy… I mean, for my understanding it should not be much of a problem to integrate a button into the Frontend that sets a flag for bypassing or not. Standard config is no-bypass (as is), if user decides to toggle that switch to’ bypass conversion’ is it really such a big problem to code a simple check for this flag somewhere before conversion happens?!?

I love music. And I love to browse through playlists from all kind of sources, listen to recommendations of audiophile enthusiasts and I love to be inspired by Tidal mixes and title radios.
I also have 4 kids, who leave me no choice of getting some peace with IEMs outside my home!
So I bought a Dragonfly Cobalt and a pair of Campfires Solaris, despite the fact that I still doesn’t know how to tell my wife that these little things costs nearly 2k. But hey, at least I can use my Samsung Note 9 and don’t have to buy a Highres player (at least for the moment :smile:
Now I can listen to great soundstages, overwhelming guitar solos and breathtaking voices, but “only” by using USB Audioplayer Pro. With all due respect to the programmers of this, I guess, technical masterpiece as far as sound quality is concerned, it lacks of usability and any feature to dive into music as far as visual representation is concerned.
I can’t speak for others, but any development into natively supporting external USB DACs like my Dragonfly on Android would make me become a Roon user. So here is my vote.