Bypass the OS Mixer - Windows PC

Hardware: Intel Nuc (NUC7I7BNH - Core i7 & 2.5" / M.2)
Software: Windows 10
NAS - Qnap HS-264-8G (Roon Core)

Is there a way to bypass the OS mixer:


When turning on “Exclusive mode” the music is hacking all the time - so this is not working

Would a new 5.2 Bluetooth Transmitter help? Or what would help?

Thanks and have a nice WE

PS: It is just fine on my Linn

That OS mixer is being reported by the end point not windows.

Now a test (PI7) with eppfun USB Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter (aptx Adaptive) - great sound but pur connection range.

Your using Bluetooth it’s going to go through the osmixer nothing much you can do there.

U are using Bluetooth… I wouldn’t worry about further degeneration of the sound quality.