Bypassing router with a R.O.C.K

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

R.O.C.K installed on a passive NUC

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Core connected with Ethernet to NUC

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Core connected to DAC with USB

Description Of Issue

I’m trying to bypass my router as I’d like to connect my DAC directly to the ROCK machine and avoiding using my PC as an endpoint.
Connecting the core to the router would imply having wires across my living room. Therefore, I tried to connect the core to the PC with ethernet, it works locally but I can’t access it remotely. Roon apps are searching for the core but cannot find it.
Is there a way to make this work?


You’ve unplugged the rock core from the router and instead connected the rock core to a PC, is that correct?

This is correct.

Be removing the ROCK fom the netowrk you have isolated it so no remotes will see it. It needs to be connected to your router.

It is possible to set up a bridged network connection from the PC (presumably already connected to the router by wifi ?) to the ROCK but this is not at all straightforwards.

It would be much easier to give the ROCK a normal network connection using powerline adapters, these would avoid the need for network cables across the living room. Alternatively use a wifi dongle or a wifi access point (setup in client mode) to give the ROCK a wifi connection. If you have a local library on the ROCK you are not streaming over wifi and it should work without any issues. If you want to stream high resolution files then powerline adapters would be preferable to wifi.

What DAC are you using? If it is Roon Ready another alternative is this:
ROCK wired to router. Wifi bridge to DAC. If the DAC doesn’t have an ethernet input, a Roon Bridge would work as a go-between.
This is a bit speculative, but you are a lot less likely to have problems with your core wired and the endpoint wireless than the other way around. Roon needs a lot of network resources best served hard-wired. Passing a digital stream to an endpoint is a lot easier.

I have a feature request in asking for the ability to bridge Ethernet connections in ROCK. The benefit would be that with dual Ethernet (one can be via a USB adaptor) you can feed a streamer direct from your machine and that streamer is still visible to the internet allowing updates and configuration. Also Ethernet wouldn’t have the potential complications of USB. Feel free to add weight to the request for this.

If I were running the roon support function I’d use my annual veto on this. Loads of headache for just edge cases gain.

Thankfully Roon has the power to make edge case mainstream. I think it would benefit ROCK and particularly Nucleus users. The interface need not appear until two Ethernet ports were detected so the clean lines of the web admin page would remain uncluttered. I really think a RAAT enabled direct link would be a useful alternative to USB.

I saw your manifesto :slight_smile: in the other thread but it just has support nightmare written on it for me. Each to their own view and help desk experience.

I tried to create a bridge between the ethernet and the wifi on my NUC but it didn’t work.
Next attempt could be to use a wifi repeater like the netgear ex6150. It’s cheaper than powerline adapters. Is it what you were suggesting?
The library is indeed connected to the ROCK. It’s on a SSD.

It’s quite a long time since I used ethernet bridging and it was far from simple to configure correctly so I’m not surprised you have had problems with it. I have some old instructions I wrote up from when I did this to connect a vortexbox music server, I’ll see if I can send these to you via pm.

Powerline adapters are a much better idea than a wifi repeater and should not be any more expensive.

OK, so let’s get to the bottom of what you want to do here. It seems you want to share internet between two machines. What are they? It seems you have a ROCK based NUC and a PC. Do you have access to an Ethernet switch?

Correct. I’m merely trying to give my ROCK access to the LAN. I don’t have an internet switch.
I did follow Eric_J instructions (Thanks!) bud creating a bridge proved to be unsuccesful. I’m left with the adapters solutions.

You should be able to create a bridge between two Ethernet ports on the PC. That can be done with a USB Ethernet adaptor.

But the method I use to get a solid connection to my core machine via wireless is to employ an access point. I use an Asus RP-N12 which can pull in 300 Mb/s which is more than enough to feed a Roon core. Once configured in access point mode it has been stable and I have found it to be less noisy that power plugs although the bandwidth is theoretically less. It takes ten minute to set up so long as you have decent wireless in your home. Then simply use a run of cat 5 or 6 to connect to your core and it should work.

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