C4 Matrix output binding

I am in the same situation. One unique situation though is that I have a McIntosh C2600 Pre Amplifier using a direct USB connection to the McIntosh and my confusion is the audio endpoint choices to bind connections. ie. Nucleaus Audio output USB to the USB audio input of the McIntosh on the control4 binding. My end result is a USB output 1 to the McIntosh and the USB audio output 2 to an audio matrix - Like I have seen here. Using a USB DAC (Cambridge Audio DAC Magic) to our Triad Matrix 16 zone. Since we are using 2 individual outputs from the Nucleaus I would like to steer the music in the right direction. @SteveSilberman @support

Hi @Andres ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us! I have split your post out to it’s own topic so we can address this behavior with you directly.

Moving forward, I have opened up a ticket in our system and shared the information from your post with our tech team to get some feedback on this behavior you are reporting to us. Please be advised that we have a few people on vacation so it may take a bit longer than expected but as soon as I have some information to share with you I will be sure to reach out asap. Your patience during this process is very appreciated!

Many thanks!

Hey @Andres – I’m guessing you saw our Control4 instructions here.

Can you confirm exactly how you’ve configured the zones, as described on pg 4? Have you configured one driver per Roon zone, meaning one for the McIntosh, and a second driver for the audio matrix?


Yessss… I think the interesting thing is that the Nucleaus driver does relate to it self as a "audio output device with only digital coax / optical and rca outputs. HOWEVER drive does NOT relates to the nucleaus as having 2 digital USB outputs and 1 Digital HDMI output for audio output. So my guess is that the Nucleaus Driver was intended to be used with a seperate end point Device (Node 2 / Connect / MiND ect ect) EVENTHOUGH the actual device itself DOES have an audio output. Please advise. I may have mis understood @SteveSilberman (Steve Silberman). Maybe your intention with the 2 usb’s and hdmi were to go to a hifi enthusist who would use those inputs to something not automated? Or maybe I have mis understood the concept completley.

Sorry - Lets not focus on the matrix right now - Lets figure out how do I use the nucleaus individual 3 digital audio outputs to my specific devices Mcintosh USB in… Thank you!

Hey Andres – no problem.

Keep in mind that the Nucleus is not an output, even if you have devices connected directly to it over USB.

The Nucleus runs your Roon Core, and Control4 can control all sorts of inputs that are managed by the Nucleus – USB devices, networked Roon Ready audio devices, Sonos devices, etc.

All those function as “zones” in Roon, and are controlled via the Nucleus, but the Nucleus itself is not a zone. You can read this article from our Knowledge Base describing what we mean when we say a “Zone” in Roon.

So, keep in mind that the Zone driver represents a single output device or zone, meaning a DAC or a set of networked speakers. It’s probably better to think of the Roon Core Driver as representing the Nucleus in the C4 system, and then each output device gets it’s own Roon Zone Driver.

Let me know if that helps, or if this is still unclear, ok? Thanks!

Hello @Andres

Just wanted to check in with you here and see how you’re doing with the setup after Mike’s most recent messages. Are there any parts of your setup that are still not working of that you’re unclear about the limitations? Please just let me know and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.