C4 Matrix Switcher Issues

Have things set up using Composer 2.10.2, Nucleus with Sonos Connect plugged into the C4 audio matrix

If I select audio and volume end points 1 for the room the driver is in as per your instructions, all other sources disappear. If I select audio and volume end points 2, it all works, but the volume in C4 stays set at zero, it will not move and you get no audio. If I remove the volume end point 2, volume now works, but no audio. If I then switch to the Sonos in C4, you can hear what was sent from Roon, so it is sending to Roon but apparently not selecting the input the Sonos is connected to on the matrix switch

@SteveSilberman @support

Hey @Leon_Shaw – sorry for the trouble here. We’re going to do some testing in-house to see if we can reproduce the issue you’re describing.

If we’re seeing the same issue obviously we’ll fix it, and if not we’ll come back to you with some more questions.

We’re on it – stand by and we’ll be in touch soon.

Thanks Mike. Hopefully you have a C4 matrix switch. Mine is the 16 in and out. 2 years old.

Hey Leon,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve been actively discussing these issues with C4 over the last few days.

I don’t have anything conclusive yet, but I wanted to let you know we’re working on it, and I should have an update for you early next week.


Any update?

Frustratingly, we’ve had an issue with our C4 account that blocked us from testing in QA or dev, for most of the last two weeks.

Very annoying, but we were finally unblocked Friday and actually did some testing earlier today. More testing and discussion is needed, but Initial results point to us needing the same matrix switch you mentioned.

The real point is that we’ve really only been looking at this in a productive way for a few days, Leon. As soon as I have news, I’ll be in touch.

Looking ahead, if we wanted to look at your system remotely, could you arrange that? If you’re the person to talk to about that, I’ll let you know when/if we need that, but if there’s someone else familiar with this issue, it would be great if you could put us in touch.

Thanks Leon, appreciate your patience here.


Thanks, I can have you dial in, obviously we need to set that up via something other than this, as I would not want my login information on a forum. However, you will not see the problem in Director, its only when you go to use it. It may actually be better for you to test with the new C4 Triad matrix switchers that came out in the last year.

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Thanks Leon, we would never post any remote support info or log in details on the public site.

Really appreciate your help, and hoping we will be able to nail this in-house. We’ll be in touch!

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