Call a URL (IFTTT, webhook) on Play and Pause

Currently I use the Deep Harmony extention (thanks to @Adam_Goodfellow) to let the Harmony remote control Roon, my Chord HMS + DAVE and the lights in my listening room. My HMS is powered by battery and I added a Smarthings power outlet to turn the battery charger on and off. I turn off the charger when I listen to music and turn it on when I am not which I also do with the Harmony remote.

What would like to do is attach the the Play/Pause events to a webhook call so I can use IFTTT to turn the smart plug on and off. I am quite comfortable scripting/programming but would like a pointer or two to know a where to start.

Currently Deep Harmony runs on a Windows 10 PC which is also the Roon remote. The Core is on a NUC (Audiolinux). It will be nice if this can be easily added to Deep Harmony so an action can ‘trigger’ a web hook.