Calling members living in Brussels

We’re heading from Dublin to Brussels later this week for 8 days.

From those of you in the know what are the must sees or must do’s.

We’re staying in Brussels 1200 near Parc du Cinquantenaire so any restaurant recommendations in that general would also be good.



La grand place and it’s surroundings is a must see downtown for a nice stroll in the middle of old houses.
Can recommend le Kelderke on the grand place itself for typical Belgian cuisine into a cellar on the grand place. There’s even a Hard Rock Cafe as well if you’re looking for those amazing wings…

Horta museum, exquisite little museum about famous Belgian Architect Victor Horta, who made Art Nouveau famous in Belgium

Plenty of good food in Brussels and around….

Closer to 1200: Nice little bistrot, again typical Belgian food. Asian Belgian fusion, excellent Nehms, beautiful Tuna Tataki Very nice little Greek restaurant, always quality food, better book beforehand as it is rather small. Watch out for the mezze as they are quite generous….

If you have time would recommend a visit to Leuven (20 mins by train), old medieval town, plenty of old houses and former palaces, now most of them occupied by students as there’s a big University there. Most of the city center is car free, plenty of really nice cafes with hundreds of beers and cheap restaurants.
Also worth it is Bruges (1h15 by train) also called “the little Venise of the north “

Will come back to you if anything else pops in my mind

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Thanks Michel.

Some interesting options there.



And if You have time, don’t forget Ghent (45 minutes by train). One of the great historical towns in Flanders. There is the “Gravensteen”, an old medieval castle in the center of the town. And in the cathedral, there is the world famous painting “Lam Gods”.


Indeed, just the Lam Gods is already worth the trip

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