Calm Radio Support

I just signed up for Calm Radio and am surprised to discover that Roon doesn’t integrate with Calm Radio. Is there a timetable on this?
I know that you can add URLs for specific station in the (still) beta Internet Radio section.
Since signing up for Calm I’ve hardly used Roon as the integration that the Linn Kazoo control point on iOS devices is great. This issue could be a deal breaker for me in renewing my first year membership to Roon.


Never heard of Calm Radio, but after looking at the website, a thought for you. I see that Calm Radio works with squeezebox if reverted to the older version. Roon has squeezebox support built in so I bet there is a way to save the URLs for your favorite Calm Radio stations and play them through Roon. I will let others weigh in on the specifics on how that might be done. JCR

Hi @John_Christopher1,

You may want to take a look at the Calm Radio stations linked on TuneIn:

These should work with Roon using the Internet Radio section.

– Noris

I think what the OP was ‘possibly’ referring too was some sort of integration of Calm radio like TIDAL.

I’m betting they already know they can copy/paste links to an online radio station.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Yes–Edward that’s right. I’m surprised that Linn can integrate Calm Radio so smoothly and Roon doesn’t. Hopefully that will change :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the best ‘first’ step in that direction would be not to try an reinvent the wheel, but instead use methods that already seem to work.

How much does Linn charge for its service?

Case in point, the smart move by so many to use a web browser vs a stand alone app that is not compatible with anything. Hint: just because it uses HTML5 and other web related code, does not mean it has to look like a web browser. Meaning Roon can still ‘look’ like Roon and function the same, in addition it will be compatible to most everything, allowing for much easier integration.

Can you imagine if Roon used browser tech? The TIDAL integration would be seamless and an exact pass-through of TIDAL. Instead of Roon facing the many issues it currently does, trying of mirror what TIDAL already offers.

Maybe going off into some unique direction with Roon is why something as simple as changing the font size or image size seems to be so difficult.

Linn’s control point “Kazoo” is free – it’s the hardware that rings us the $$$
Without knowing anything about what’s involved, I like your idea Edward of using browser technology. I listen to Radio Paradise primarily and would love to see more of the functionality of RP’s app in Roon and Linn.

I’d really appreciate hearing from the Roon team about what there plans are for Calm Radio integration. Right now I probably will not renew my membership if something is not in the works. Thanks


+1 for this