Calm Radio through Roon


I would like to listen to Calm Radio through Roon. However when I add stations I get the free commercial version. Is there a way to stream Calm Radio through Room using my Calm Radio account so I don’t get the commercials?


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The way DI.FM does it is like this: it provides a listen key, which is unique to your account and valid as long as you keep it valid (you can reset it to get a new one at any time). The listen key is added to the URL of the station/radio like this:, where 123456789 is the listen key. This way you can add your favorite stations/radio anywhere and listen with the advantages of your subscription.

Calm Radio needs a similar solution, so ask them.


If you pay the fee then you get the subscription to the higher quality signal, no commercials etc. Then go to the drop down box at the top left of the screen and open My Account. At the bottom there is a table with internet url’s for various hardware and operating systems. You can then download based on your favourite stations (there are many to choose from so so can be busy for a while). Then cut and paste in to Roon.
You can also go to Support and send a request with your specs and stations and they will send you a custom list - could save some time. They are very helpful.
The sound is all 320kbs so pretty impressive for a compressed signal.

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@Glenn_Quarrington just to confirm, you were talking about Calm Radio? Are you a subscriber? Do you like it? I used to listen a few years ago, but not lately.


Yes, it’s Calm Radio. Lots of variety even nature sounds! The site is from Canada. So in support I bought a lifetime subscription (as I did with Roon).
Sometimes you win. I think Calm is very good. I also like RadioTunes with their custom URL’s etc.
Let me know if I can help.


When you play CalmRadio through Roon, do you see the songs and artists (i.e. the metadata).

When do you choose CalmRadio over Tidal (if you have Tidal)?

Hi Bob
Dusty is correct. There are various subscription options and therefore prices. The entire list is on their website as are the myriad channels they offer.
I have about 10 channels programmed on Roon - from rock to easy jazz. Good quality signal and their curation is pretty good.


Sorry for the late reply.
I also use Tidal. I find the internet radio quite different because the station curates the content based on the theme you choose from their offerings. For example “Smooth jazz vocal” or “60’s rock”. It gives you hours of music around your selected theme, genre, etc. With Tidal there are playlists offered or you can mix your own of course. So I use all sources including my own albums and playlists.