Cambridge Audio CXA81 USB connected with ASIO driver

Hello, I have the CA CXA81 amplifier connected to intel NUC via USB. Also have the latest (4.86.0) CA ASIO driver installed. The CXA81 has been recognized by Roon but as a WASAPI device. I even can see it in CA Control Panel but with the note ASIO is not active. Is there a way how to force Win10 / Roon to use ASIO driver instead of WASAPI one? Or it is a normal behaviour of CXA81 in Roon server? I have CA CXNv2 as well and this one is recognized as ASIO device with no problem.

Thanks for reply,

I take it you’ve seen this

It’s ancient but may guide you

HI Mike, thanks and sure I have read it. It is concerning to ASIO driver setup and the the setting it in foobar2000 only. I need a solution for Roon if exists.

Nevertheless thank you very much for the effort :slight_smile: