Cambridge Audio CXN 81 Can I Do Better With Seperate Amp/Dac £1000 Budget

ive made a few posts regarding an amp with htbypass for my av amp,ive changed direction and decided on a dedicated music amp,ive been watching youtube videos on the Cambridge audio cxn 81 amp with built in dac which I was thinking of connecting my intel nuc rock via usb now im wandering can I get a amp and seperatate dac for around £1000 don’t mind buying used gear which would sound better than the Cambridge?
would also like a good headphone input.
speakers im using are kef reference floorstanders from the 80s which I might change to some kef modern floorstanders.
any input would be great

The CXA81 is a capable amp with digital inputs. It’s Roon tested too! Pretty good value. I’d recommend you audition the amp … you should be able to do that at home too.

thank you,just bought an audiolab m-one used off bay for £325 which seems a good deal I can put some money towards a new set of speakers in the future


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