Cambridge Audio Edge NQ is now Roon Ready!

A cynic may suggest tat there are no sales in upgrades

That indeed is the case at Cambridge Audio towers! (as with probably most other corporate entities)

I have an 851n as well as the Edge NQ - I bought the Edge when they were doing a trade in and did a deal to keep the 851n in my work office at home. I asked some time back about the Roon Ready and got the “sufficient demand”. I am within USB distance for it now but would still like roon ready status.
I am on holiday at the moment and can’t wait to try it when I get home…anyone want to buy an Allo USBridge!!!

I asked Cambridge about the 851N a couple of days agoand was told ‘no plans to add Roon Ready to the 851N’

How much for the Allo USBrisdge?

I originally raised the request to update the 851N firmware to support Roon on May 7th 2019 and got the following responses;

“ I’m afraid we currently have no concrete plans to add Roon but we are looking into this. It will depend on the wider adoption of Roon, however.
……the overall percentage of Roon users that use our products is currently very small. If this number increases dramatically, we will not hesitate to add it, but at this moment in time, there are no plans."

Following the announcement of Roon support for the CXN V2 and the Edge, I again wrote and requested that they update the 851N firmware to support Roon and got the following response;

"Thank you for contacting Cambridge Audio.

At present the Roon Ready option is only available for the Edge NQ and the CXNv2. These are the only products which have been fully tested with the Roon application and which have passed Roon’s vigorous certification programme.

Whilst there are no plans in the immediate future for other Cambridge Audio streaming devices such as the 851N to be certified as Roon Ready, this may change depending on customer demand and the popularity of the feature. As well as other factors such as operational capacity to test and certify existing products alongside the other new and exciting projects being developed and worked on."

So rather than give up, I decided to target Stuart George (Cambridge Audio MD) pointing out that they have sold a LOT of 851Ns, and a good number of them live with Roon users. The need to support Roon has already been demonstrated, or CA would not have updated the CXN V2 and the Edge. The CNX V2 is half the price of the 851N. That I was originally going for the CNX V2 but was persuaded to upgrade to the 851N by the Richer Sounds salesman because it was the (then) flagship streamer, better built, better quality and had a better future ahead with upgrades to support new services via firmware updates, it would be better future proofed. That I felt let down and the 851N users had been abandoned.

I have just got the following response:

"I am pleased to update you with the news that the 851N is actually currently undergoing testing for Roon Ready certification with Roon at the moment. We can’t at this stage guarantee that it will pass the certification process and I am unable to give you an exact time frame for this, but hopefully there will be no issues, as both the CXNv2 and The Edge NQ were successful in complying with Roon’s requirements.

Should this be successful we will then be able to officially announce it’s updated compatibility on our website and across our social channels when fully ready to go. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later."

So fingers crossed, we should be getting Roon Support for the 851N.


Well that is fantastic news Edmund - thank you for updating us.

That’s great Edmund!

I wonder if that will include the CXN V1 , as far as I understood the 851N has the same StreamMagic module as the CXN V1

I must write them as well

Have you tried v018-a-075 yet? The early update firmware

No I have not, I am not configured to take Beta test releases. Do you have it? if so is it OK and do you recommend I change settings and take it?

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Thank you Daryl, I am updating now. …

Edit: Some minutes later…OK update completed and now testing - lookin good! So good now to have the now playing display on the 851N screen. Excellent so far. Flagged in Roon as Not Certified, but who cares, it works and no doubt certification will follow.

I now have a RoPieee with HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT with nothing to use it on. I may try the HiFiBerry Amp2 HAT to drive a pair of small speakers in the kitchen…

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I asked about the CXNV1 they say no plans , there are technical impediments

Ian it is ON listening to ROON on 851N an 851W!!!

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Yes - I have the same - upgraded as an early adopter - working perfectly… I definitely have an Allo USBridge for sale now…

That’s really exciting Max - thank you for letting me know. I am going to sign up for the early updates tonight. It will be great to be able to move my NUC to a better location (currently its balanced on top of my CD player in my hifi rack) and get pictures back on the screen of the 851N

Any idea of the early updates can be switched on from the Cambridge Connect app rather than the Stream Magic? I just can’t get on with the Stream Magic app.

Hi Max,

So after about 10 minutes of setup I enjoyed a wonderful evening listening to music via Roon and my 851N. I am a happy boy!!! Even the wife came in an joined me for a while - although I did have to play some of her music - George Michael and Wham…shoot me now. :laughing:

Thank you for keeping me in the loop and if anyone from Cambridge Audio is out there ‘listening’ in - Thank you for making my day.

Best Ian

No you have to go to the Web interface http:/ IP address then you can set it