Cambridge Azur 851N

I have a new Cambridge 851-N. Didn’t hear about ROON 1.1 until this week. At present using Spotify Prem, sure its Ok but not at this level.

It has USB in, but will Roon play thru it, or do I half to bypass this new investment e.g. Play direct from laptop to Pre-amp USB in?

Hi Ed,

Subject to your laptop meeting the hardware requirements you can run Roon on your laptop and send an audio stream from Roon to the Azur 851N over any of the following connections:

USB Audio

Subject to loading any required Windows drivers, each of those connections should appear as separate zones in Roon connected to the Core. (Edit: if your laptop or other Core computer supports such connection)

You will also be able to stream to the 851N using AirPlay which will appear as a Network Zone.(Edit: … when AirPlay is activated on the 851N).

You won’t be able to stream audio to the 851N by Ethernet or WiFi using RAAT (which supports higher resolutions than AirPlay) until it becomes RoonReady. That will require a firmware upgrade by Cambridge Audio and you should check with them if they are planning on doing that and encourage them to contact Roon if they have not yet done so.

Once the 851N becomes RoonReady you’ll have more connection options than you can poke a stick at and have to listen to them all to work out which one you like best !