Cambridge stream magic 6 - roon endpoint ready?

Hi - does anyone know if the Cambridge stream magic 6 can be used as a Roon endpoint? Thanks.

no its not

Unfortunately that model is not on the Roon Ready or Tested list so the answer would be no in this instance.

That is quite OLD , but another What Hi Fi streamer winner .I see a review 9 years ago Roon was still “an idea”

Its the predecessors of the CXN range. I think it still works with the CA StreamMagic App (easy to test). It is limited to 24/96 if that matters to you.

Edit : Maybe not ? But Cambridge Connect is still around

“The StreamMagic app is the ultimate in control for your Cambridge Audio network players. Compatible with Evo 75/150, CXN (v2), Edge NQ, CXN, CXR120/200* and 851N, the StreamMagic app gives you fast access to devices, playlists and internet radio.”

That said if you put a RPi in between the network and the USB Sync input you will be able to use the Pi as a Roon End Point and use the StreamMagic DAC .You will however lose all the Album art etc the digital inputs simply show “USB” etc not the streamed artwork

If you install Roipeee XL rather than Roipeee then you can use it for DLNA too although a straight ethernet would be better as you will get artwork

Best of Luck

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I have the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic 6 V2, I use a Raspberry PI via the USB input to get 192/24 and DSD64 playback to my amplifier.

I asked Cambridge Audio if it would ever be Roon Ready and they said the hardware was too old to do it. I don’t know the difference between Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz support that it does have and being Roon ready, but I secretly hope it could be added. As I have a solution I’m not worried about this being added though.

Suggest you check the CXNv2. It is a fine device that seems to work with all things streaming, including a s a Roon endpoint. Cambridge Audio makes good stuff.

Thank you for the replies - it looks conclusive - no Roon Endpoint on the Magic Stream 6. My interest is in the dual Wolfson dac chips which I have heard and enjoyed but never owned. I realised overnight that I have an unused PS Audio LanRover lying around. It will be a bit convoluted, but as we have just ceased having land-line phones, and I have discovered that the cabling for the old phone lines in this house is Cat-5, I can convert the phone socket by my bedside unit (Rasp Pi into Mytek Brooklyn for headphone use) into Ethernet, use the LanRover there to replace the Rasp Pi, and then use the Rasp Pi with the Stream Magic. Amazing how the brain works when asleep. Anyway, many thanks for the clear answer, very helpful.