Can a local server stream FLAC to Roon?

Thanks Henry. 16/96 is certainly better than 16/44.1!

Absolutely. I wouldn’t wait for this in Roon. It could take a very long time.

Assuming icecast doesn’t work on a Mac, is there another method that does?

Thanks! Much appreciated

Replying to myself…
Seems there is a new device that does exactly what we need here:
I sent off an email to Trans Vinyl and received the following response from Jörg Schambacher:

…What is described on the Roon Labs forum page (this thread) is almost exactly what the TVL1 can do. The box can provide a HTTP based OGG-stream with FLAC audio containers in the streaming mode. We have never tried it with any Roon equipment so far, but it worked with the OGG/FLAC capable equipment we have tested.

I know very little about the TVL1 apart from what’s on the linked web page, but it is certainly an interesting device. I’ll respond to Jörg Schambacher later tonight and ask him if he’d be willing to inform us directly in this thread.


Great find @ogs and a very interesting product.

If it is “plug and play” compatible with Roon then a thread in Audio Products sounds right. If it needs some software fiddling then Tinkering.

If it can be turned into a Roon Internet Radio Station by entering a URL that would be very simple.

Did they give any indication of cost?

If I remember it correctly the TVL1 is officially around 3,000 Euro.

Yes, our system starts at 3000Euros. It can go up depending on the finish of the case. Standard is elox-black or -aluminum. As a small manufacturer we only built to order for our customers. For those able to understand German: current stereoplay magazine contains a test.

I cannot promise but I’ll probably try to test the Roon compatibility and let you know. My guess and wish is that it should work, but technology sometimes is vicious …


Hi Jörg. Welcome. And congratulations on your product and the stereoplay review.

If you don’t have time: I’m happy to test the Roon compatibility for you :wink:

I’d also easily volunteer to the hard task of testing Roon compatibility :laughing:, but I fear Philipp_Schaefer has an advantage by being German and living in Germany?

Hi, cheeky question but is there any chance of a group discount for Roon users? This type of device seems to be a popular request.

Good idea. We could also ask if a stripped down version is possible. Many Roon users would only need the ethernet connection. If it is possible to deliver a unit without SPDIF and USB at a lower cost that could be one option, but we also need to know if the TVL1 will work with Roon.

Plus some sort of partnership agreement with Roon to ensure that any technical updates/changes on either side don’t break compatibility and support is available.

The best would probably be if Roon finalised it’s ‘input device’ so Jörg could add it to his repo. Now that we finally have a product that can transfer digitised vinyl live over (w)lan it hopefully is the push Roon needs to do this.

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I just found this thread, awesome writeup! I have a ParaSound ZphonoUSB that’s an A/D converter for either the phono or one of its two line inputs. I played with streaming from my analog tuner once (with just netcat), but this is a much nicer setup! Not sure if it’s super practical to stream vinyl, since I’ll have to run upstairs every 20 minutes to flip/put on a new record, but I’ll have to try that too. Thanks for the detailed instructions!


I think that this is potentially game changing.

If I am able to stream anything through Roon, I start to
begin questioning why I even need a preamplifier anymore? Roon can be used for dsp, room correction, Sed volume control- everything!

Sure there are some theretically disadvantages to the way that Roon may handle attenuation in the digital domain (vs a very high end analog pots or well done digital control) but how audible would that really be? And Roon could further update their abilities in this area down the road.

short update: a very first and basic test has shown that the TVL1 can at least play audio up to 192/24 via OGG-FLAC stream into Roon. But we need more time to test …stability, etc. I’ll keep you posted.

You are right concerning the non-need of a pre-amp as long as you have line-level sources (CD,DVD,tape,…). Only vinyl needs a pre-amp because of its small output voltages and the potential analog RIAA filtering. This is what our box does.

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Thanks @Jorg_Schambacher. Very nice that it works! Looking forward to your follow up