Can a Meridian Explorer 2 work with an iPad in Roon?

My iPad is connected to a Bel Canto 2.5 DAC with the help of an Apple camera USB connecting cord and I am able to use Roon easily.

However, if I try to connect the iPad in the same way to my Explorer 2 DAC I get the message that there is insufficient power to run the DAC. Thus I cannot play Tidal MQA files because the Bel Canto DAC, while excellent, is old and offers no MQA support.

Is there a work-around to enable me to use the Explorer with the iPad and play MQA files?

Many thanks.

You should be able to use a powered USB hub to get around this problem. I’m sure there are “audiophile” hubs floating around, but at least for test purposes, any halfway decent powered hub will do. There’s quite a selection on Amazon, for example.

I believe I have a powered USB hub in another room. I will experiment with that. Thanks!

It depends on the iPad device, you’d need the 12” iPad Pro or a newer iPhone that has USB3 fast charging capability. With any other device it won’t work. In my experience.


You have to use this adapter with power supply connected all the time.

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@Pawel_Walczak Thank you! I did not know there was such a thing. I will try to pick one up and experiment with it.

Trying something else because Uptone Audio has suggested I can solve the problem this way:

I have an ISO REGEN that has its own power supply. So I am using that. The iPhone connects to the ISO REGEN which connects to the Explorer and into my amp. (Apologies to Uptone Audio if I have misunderstood the connections required, which perhaps somehow I have.)

But the result was not good. First of all Roon no longer recognizes my iPhone or iPad as a zone. So I tried playing Tidal (without Roon) through this setup. Bad result. Volume WAY too high (even though set very low on the iPhone AND the McIntosh Amp this is all running through). Turning the volume on the am down to its lowest point, I do get a lower volume but the music is blurry and the slightest adjustment of the volume up is too much.

Is there any reason using the PHX/AUX input on the amp might pose a problem? I’ve done that because it is only input I can reach easily without changing other connections. But maybe that is a problem in and of itself?

Not sure if there is a way to remove a post but…please ignore mine immediately above.

I’m still not sure why Roon would not recognize my iPhone, but it does recognize my iPad which is now connected to my Explorer DAC and it is performing quite well. I did need to change the input on my amp. In my experience all inputs on my McIntosh MA6500 amp have worked the same way. As it has been decades since I owned a turntable I have never used the amp’s PH/AUX input. Apparently it won’t work for anything other than a turntable.