Can a NUC be put into a Nucleus case?

I recently put together a NUC (NUC10i7FNH) to accommodate my larger library and do not use my old Nucleus. Could I transfer the NUC to my Nucleus case? I’d do this both for function (get rid of fan) and aesthetics.

I dont think so, the Nucleus board has bios revisions to work without a fan, the standard board needs either a fan or extra cooling from a bigger heatsink case.

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actually you probably could if its the same revision board in the Nucleus as the NUC… ie i3/5/7 gen 7 for mother REV.A nucleus. not sure what the Nucleus REV.B uses


Then probably NOT as I thing the REV B used a Gen 8 NUC board…but don’t quote me

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You are better off buying a fanless case to put your NUC into, if that is what you want. See Akasa. The Nucleus were designed around a specific motherboard; so, if you replace it with the exact motherboard, then, it will pronbably work.

RoonOS for the Nucleus has code to monitor and throttle CPU to prevent overheating. ROCK does not have this as it was designed to work with the standard case including the fan.

I don’t bother with fanless cases personally. My NUC’s rarely make noise even sitting within 12 inches of them. Or, if it bothers you, put the server in a different room, which is how Roon was designed.


Thanks for the responses. I’ll just move the NUC from my audio cabinet to my media closet, where my router is located.

I thought about using the Nucleus case because some NUC users reported dust in the fan area was causing noise over time. I’ll check the NUC every six months or so to see whether it needs cleaning.

Computer fans need to be cleaned out. It is less than a 10 min job to open the case and used canned air to clean out the dust once a year.

Actually, I think it is just as, if not more important, for thermal paste to be re-applied on fanless installations every so often. That paste will dry out over time and it’s thermal conductivity deteriorate. I’ve seen so many computers over the years have CPU issues due to dried out thermal paste.


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