Can an iPhone be a Roon end point with any DAC?

I haven’t had any issues connecting my iPhone as an end point to DAC’s in the past but I can’t seem to get it working on my Topping DX7s. The OLED screen on the Topping displays that it has accepted the sample rate but no sound comes out of it. Anyone tried it with a Topping?

iOS has a current draw limit of 100 ma( I believe)

A USB DAC asking for more will throw an error message

Don’t know if that’s your question

I have an Audioquest Dragonfly Red whichruns fine

I second the recommendation of a Dragonfly — reasonable cost, portability, fine results. I use a lightening adapter to USB (Dragonfly connection) a miniplug to RCA outputs to my secondary receiver. And it plays great through quality headphones.

If the current limit that @Mike_O_Neill mentions is the problem, Apple sells a USB 3 adapter that includes a Lightning port where you can plug in a charger. This allows feeding high-power-draw DACs.

I also use a dragonfly red via the same apple USB 3 adapter - can recommended.
This USB adapter can also feed through power to both the DAC and the iPhone - ideal for use in a car for eg with an which is where I mostly use my dragonfly.

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Thanks everyone, I’ll try it with the USB 3 adapter soon.

Yeah no luck when using the adapter, must be a compatibility issue with the DAC…