Can anyone explain me the expected behaviour of Roon Radio?

I just converted to life time membership after the massive upgrade in customizability of Meta Data.

However, have some real confusion about playing Roon Radio (which I liked a lot as a feature). It does not behave the way I expected or at reliably. And I’m not using Tidal.

So here are the observations -

  1. If an album does not have Primary Artist marked, the Roon Radio does not start automatically after the queue is empty. However, this behavior is predictable.

  2. The things get really unpredictable when I try to start Play /Start Radio from a Genre or an Artist. Sometimes it starts playing and sometimes it does not. I just shows that Radio Started - but nothing plays. If I restart Roon Core everything starts playing fine for few times. Then the unpredictability starts.

Any idea what’s going on ? Or these are bugs right now.


I don’t know if this is an appropriate place but I can’t find anyplace better…

Roon Radio seems to have gone completely random. For example, listening to a Christmas album by Bing Crosby and Roon Radio puts up The Clash afterwards. Not only do I not have ANY Clash in my collection (60K tracks) but I have NEVER played any Clash on Tidal. This has been a household joke since the last release. Is this temporary? Does Roon need to “learn” something? Can the radio be adjusted to play differently? Please advise.