Can anyone give me a basic primer on the parametric eq?

I’m used to graphic equalizers and had eqmac on my iMac. However, it doesn’t work with my usb dac, and I cannot find one that does. So, I would like to try Roon’s, but it is . I want a basic V shape with slightly scooped mods and raised bass/treble. How can I do this on my DX3? I literally do not know where to begin.

Alternatively, is there a Mac EQ program that work with a USB dac?


I use some EQ stuff from these guys in Audirvana, but it’s mostly tinkering. I don’t often use Roon DSP either other than CrossZone for headphones and some modest upsampling. The program I have is called EQuick.

The Roon KB has a page:

You can think of a parametric EQ as a graphic EQ with adjustable bandwidth sliders rather than fixed.

The best primer for the Roon PEQ, after reading the above KB page is to play with it. Start with one filter and pull it around with your finger or mouse. Alter the Q to see what it does. Try out the different filter types. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

To get the V shape you might try three filters in combination. A low shelf for bass, peak/dip for middle and high shelf for treble. Once you’ve got the shape you want, you can shift the whole thing down so it is mainly cutting, perhaps 1 or 2 dB of boost at most.

Turn on the limit indicator in Headroom Management and dial in negative dB in -1 decrements until limiting stops.


I found, using my Mac track pad - I can pull up and down frequency bands visually but dont actually HEAR the result until I let go of the cursor. :neutral_face:

This is a pain - and requires a lot of driving blind / trial and error image

is there a way to hear it working ‘live’?

Is there a way to use 3rd party EQ’s in Roon?

I like Fabfilter Pro-Q3

Don’t know. Why would you want to? the Roon DSP is adequate.

‘Adequate’ isn’t a descriptive generally looked forward too in an audio signal path.

There is a whole world of choice in 3rd party plug ins.

But thanks


I use third party DSP software in Audirvana, but what are you looking to accomplish in Roon?

I am a professional audio engineer. I have a favourite software EQ that I use.

Simple as that.

Now that makes more sense.