Can anyone help me fix this problem to make Roon Arc to work?

I’m trying to get Roon ARC to work, but I’m getting this error below:

“ipv4_connectivity”: {“status”:“NetworkError”,“status_code”:504,“error”:“error: Error: ETIMEDOUT, response code: undefined, body: undefined connected? undefined”},
“external_ip”: {“actual_external_ip”:“”,“actual_external_ipv6”:“null”,“router_external_ip”:“”},
“status”: “status”: MultipleNatFound
“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_upnp”:true}

If there are any details anybody needs to fix this, just ask.

The problem is this and it may either occur because you have two routers in the home, typically because you received a router/modem from your ISP and use an additional router (e.g. a mesh wifi router), or, if you have only one router, it is probably caused by your ISP using so-called Carrier-grade NAT (CG-NAT).

In either case, there are two network address translation (NAT) layers, which prevents ARC from working. So, questions:

  • 1 or 2 routers, and which model(s)?
  • What is your ISP?
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Hi @Lewis_Garcia_Tincopa,

Please see the above response, as you’ll need to either reconfigure your network slightly or contact your ISP to confirm their implementation for your account.

We’re here to assist if you still require some help. In the event that your ISP has imposed carrier-grade Network Address Translation (CG-NAT), you can search in the Tinkering section for popular VPN workarounds to access ARC.

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I was using 2 routers, but now that I’ve changed my ISP router to bridge mode and it worked!


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