Can anyone help with a small grren computer sonic transporter

Does anyone know how to use a sonictransporter. I recently bought one from a guy who said he couldnt figure how to start. I am a neurosurgeon so I arrogantly thoght I could figure it out. No luck…I twont show up on my network when plugged into my router. No contact information is available for small green computer. Any one have any ideas?

@agillis Andrew should be the one to help here…take it away :stuck_out_tongue:

The sonicTransporter comes with a quick start guide and contact information was included with the unit.

You can always contact us by clicking “Contact US” on the Small Green Computer web site.

if it doesn’t show up on your network there may be something wrong with it. Please contact us directly and I’ll get it sorted out.

Sorry, I dont have the quit start guide. The contact link on the web site seems to require social media which I dont use. Can you email me? is fine


Andrew sent me the quick start guide, and it has helped a lot. Hopefully I will have music soon!! Thanks for the quick response!!

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