Can anyone tell me what I am seeing here?

What else do I need to try out these MQA albums? The rendering part is missing right ?

A bluesound card for the amp ?

Thanks in advance

The signal path is telling you that this is authenticated MQA and Roon has performed the first unfold before passing to the NAD M32. Your M32 should perform the second unfold (rendering) but that won’t be shown here since that’s not handled by Roon.

But I suspect you need the BluOS module to enable MQA.

Thanks Martin I’ll e-mail
NAD for more details

Yeah, you’ll need a BluOS Card.

Hi Micheal,

is the ORFS after your 368 the BluOS card and the output device after that your 368 back in the chain again?



Hi James,

I don’t quite understand what you’re saying :smiley:

I have the BluOS card in my C368, the LAN cable in my BluOS card and Roon only “talks” to the BluOS card.

So the enhanced signa goes from the BluOS card to the C368 DAC and from there to my Speakers.

Hope that helps.



I don’t quite understand what I’m saying either :slight_smile:

I’m looking at your chain and trying to figure it out , do you have a USB input on the 368? I think I ill have to go to a shop and see what they have to say

Haha :slight_smile:

I do have an USB Port on my C368, but I only use the Ethernet port on my BluOS MDC module.

As far as I know that’s the only way to get the MQA thingy working

Do you have an MDC slot in your M32?

Yeah, it’s the £399 that’s holding me back. Have you compared the usb to the Ethernet by any chance ?

No, I haven’t. But my Roon Server and my C368 aren’t even remotely in the same room, so Ethernet was the only way to go.

It sounds fantastic

Hi just got an e mail back from NAD I’d need the BluOS card for MQA.

Four hundred for the second unfold … I know what I wouldn’t do.