Can anyone use poly-sinc-gaus-xla @ 22579200

So I managed to get my new system up and running for HQ-Player. The CPU is an Intel 11900K with a RTX2060 GPU. BUT… still no poly-sync-gaus-xla with ASDM7EC @ 22579200. The cpu bounces up to over 250% usage and the GPU sits at around 45% usage.
Is this kind of filter combination actually possible with today’s hardware?
It will run happy at poly-sinc-gaus-xla → ADSM7EC @ 16384000. But i’m unsure if my dac is happy with this kind of samplerate? would i be better dropping the rate down to DSD256 or am I better keeping it at the max my computer can handle?

No, there is no known CPU yet that can do this with EC modulators, in real time.

You’ll have to drop to DSD256 rates for EC modulators.

Unless you get HQP Pro ($$) and do offline conversions - then you can do whatever you want. Mega sized files though.

Thanks @dabassgoesboomboom . Well time to wait to wait a year for a faster CPU :slight_smile:
What about throwing the max sample rate into the dac (Topping E30). The dac advertises native support for DSD256 & DSD512, but i’m giving it just one notch down from DSD512. Is this causing the DAC to sample it down to DSD256?

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It can’t support the exact rate that you’ve selected which is between DSD256 and DSD512.

So it’s gone down, as you said, to DSD256.

Wouldn’t be the DAC that downsamples - HQPlayer will output DSD256

Better to just select the correct max supported rate - DSD256 if you want to use EC modulators.

Everyday is a learning day :slight_smile:
I may do a couple of my favourite albums up to DSD512 with HQ-Player pro, but yes just a few, think I would need a room full of hard-drives to even think about converting a music library :rofl:

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I can’t recall how many seconds of audio the free trial will convert but give it a try.

That license costs

well umm. maybee not lol

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LOL. Its mainly being used by mastering studios. Quite a few releases at nativeDSD using it.

Always depends on how you compare prices… For example Mscaler costs about the same, but you’d only get a very basic and limited PCM upsampler. If you compare to dCS or Esoteric upsamplers, those are much more expensive, but still much more limited functionally. So from that perspective Pro is not expensive at all, and Desktop & Embedded are really bargain…


I agree with you. HQ-Player has completely transformed my listening experience and a great thumbs up for an awesome piece of software. My problem is now I want to squeeze the absolute most out of it :slight_smile:
I did try and put HQ-PlayerPro on my server today using X11=forwarding but no such joy, I keep getting the dreaded seg-fault

You are on Ubuntu 20.04 or Fedora 34?

I was all set with Fedora34 but it didn’t like my nvme drive. The heat was insane on it +80degress. So back to ubuntu and all stable