Can Art Director be modified to improve Album Images?

Are there any plans to extend art director for album art?

With local content I can control this but with streamed (Qobuz) content I cannot. For example, my album art in my local library is always called folder.jpg and is easily accessible in logically structured album folders. However, with streamed Qobuz content I now have a bucket of hundreds of substitute album covers in a local folder I simply call “Scans”. But this Scans folder is growing and these substitute album covers are increasingly difficult to manage and locate in roon’s clunky album art editor. In effect I am probably going to have to start recreating my local album structure just to manage navigation of substitute album covers for streamed content.

In addition to the OP’s case another common case I find is square album covers that are not actually square. They have either white or black bands top and bottom so that they blend into the website they were originally designed for. With roon on the other hand they will present as quite asymmetrical in roon’s grid album browsing views so I prefer to manually change them. No doubt others have other issues with album art that the crowd sourcing approach of art director could help a lot with.

In short I would rather have a much smaller custom album art cover library for streamed content to manage and navigate because most of the album art errors had been corrected collectively through art director.

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Hey @Tony_Casey,

You can change the cover for any album in Roon, whether it’s in your local library or from one of our streaming partners. Thank you for mentioning this, I’ve actually been meaning to do that with a cover that matches your description.

The Qobuz art below has the white borders you mentioned. This has bothered me, too! :face_vomiting:

  • Simply find the cover art online that you like better, such as the original RCA Living Stereo art
  • Click the ellipsis on the Album Page
  • Then Edit
  • Edit Album
  • Scroll down to Album Artwork
  • Edit - Add Image
  • Browse for your downloaded art.
  • Click Save
  • All fixed, as seen below!

@Jamie, what question is this “solution” solving? It’s not an answer to my question. I know how to do this as does probably everyone reading this. I would expect a solution to be “yes, we have plans to extend art director so hundreds of roon users do not have to do this manual workaround or no we don’t”.


I’m not aware of plans to extend Art Director’s features in the way that you’ve asked, sorry. That would make a great feature request!

My answer was in response to your statement above, in which you said that you cannot control what appears for streamed content. I explained how this can be done.

I marked it as a solution because it solves the actual problem you reported. If Art Director were to be modified in the way you asked it wouldn’t be immediate.

@Jamie, well there is a misunderstanding. I wasn’t asking how to replace “banded” album art, I know how to do that. I thought that was understood when I said I preferred to manually change those (banded) album covers. I was just adding that case as a common album art error that benefits from manual intervention. Your instructions may help someone else but that is not the question I thought I asked. I have re-edited my post to make it clearer.

Your first answer above that there are no plans is all I wanted to know. I have run out of feature request votes so in this case I will not be posting a new feature request as I have several unaddressed ones going back many years so there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of point adding another.

@Jamie, and whilst we are on this. What on earth is a “Community Manager”. Someone to “manage” the community? Really?

Hey @tripleCrotchet

In a nutshell, yes.

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