Can ASUS TinkerBoard run Ropieee one day?

Dear @spockfish,

I really like ASUS TinkerBoard(just like Raspberry Pi with positive points), wish that I could use it as Roon Bridge one day. Do you have any idea?


Andy Le

I’ll let @spockfish answer definitively, but from the beginning RoPieee has been exclusively designed for the recent Raspberry PIs + display, given that this is a volunteer project.

RoonBridge is a relatively easy install on Linux, or easier yet DietPi supports the Asus board, so try using that for your OS and then use the GUI to install RoonBridge.

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Thank you @Nathan_Wilkes for your information. But I really love Ropieee, so I’ll wait for Pi4. :wink:

Hi @Airman,

Nathan already nailed it pretty much. I’m in the midst of porting stuff to a relatively unknown board ( as sort of an experiment.

Challenge is, that even a company like Asus, still does not have it’s Linux part sorted out properly. That’s where all these manufacturers get it wrong: it’s not about the hardware (anymore), but at least for 50% also the software part.

The reason DietPi supports it because they use a different Linux distro that I use that supports the Asus. The distro that I use don’t, basically because the Linux kernel version is relatively outdated.