Can customers look up metadata outside of adding albums in a library?

I’m ‘playing’ with some box sets at the moment (The Mahler Project, for one). Can we look to see what’s in Roon’s data base?? I have some options for organizing it - not sure how to go. It would be fun to see what Roon does; does it necessarily mimic the format of the cd set itself?

Hi @Bart001,

Outside of going to an album and choosing Edit > Identify Album there is no way to browse the metadata available for albums. You can always look on MusicBrainz or AllMusic, but this is not always a clear indicator of how things will appear in Roon.

Regarding Box Sets, make sure you’re following the recommendations outlined here for best results.


Thanks so much @dylan This is a rip that a friend did, and the break-up into individual cd’s (folders) doesn’t match the way the box set was sold. Would I do best to re-organize and tag to mimic the actual box set (I can see the disk/track listing on Amazon) to give Roon the best chance?

Hi @Bart001,

It could definitely help if things were organized in a way that was closer to the data we have for the album. You can always do some manually editing and identification in Roon to accomplish this too.