Can devices lose Roon Certification over time?

Is it possible for devices to lose their Roon certification or stop working with Roon if companies no longer update the product?

For example if a streaming DAC is able to be used with Roon today does that mean it is good until the product breaks down in the future or do companies need to continually update their products to maintain their Roon Readiness? I suppose my thought if a company were to close or just stop supporting an older product would it still be able to be used with Roon?


A fascinating question. What about firmware updates? Will Roon re-test and re-certify a device if the firmware of that device is updated?

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Yes, an award for best question of the week.

Perhaps that would only be necessary if functionality was added or taken away, but who’s to say when that happens?

I think with Roon having an example of each certified devices in house the firmware updates are verified to work before they are distributed to the public. Don’t know that for a fact but it is what I think happens. The process only works if the manufactures continue to work with Roon Labs for verification.

I asked this question last year after the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 broke Roon ready and was told by Roon that they do not re-test device’s after updates.

They just expect the supplier to maintain the quality and fix issues which CA did a few weeks later.

There will have to be some company that crosses this line at some point though.


It is possible. Manufacturers can always release firmware without informing us that breaks support. I would imagine this would be very rare as it would erode trust in the brand.

While mistakes and bugs do happen, we’ve yet to run into a brand with such disdain for existing customers. Most would rather just not release firmware updates.

Yes it does.

Yes it would.


Thank you so much for replying danny!

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