Can DSP upsampling damage DACs?

I am running a ROON on a Mac to a SONICORE Orbiter SE - and into an Audiolab M-DAC+ via USB asynchronous. The unit supports up to 384khz and DSD 128. I am upsampling from ROON or HQ Player - all of my music library is sourced from TIDAL.

(The M-DAC+ is output to a Marantz pre-amp, 2 Audiolab power amps, Focal 926 speakers).

I have picked up my third M-DAC+ today - the other two developed problems after only 4-6 weeks each in my system. Both were reduced to severe crackling - indicating something failed in them. This was confirmed by the dealer playing a CD source - so the problem was not exclusive to USB. Something has caused the same failing twice.

My question to ROON Support and the Forum is whether there is any evidence/settings/instances/anything at all that could suggest what might be damaging these units before I put a new one in service.

For clarity, since I got ROON 18 months ago, I have used an OPPO-HA2 without any hitches and it is back in the system now without any problems.

All feedback welcome.

Based on my experience there were quality issues with the MDAC, doubt much has changed with the +

That’s good to know Evan. Very good to know.