Can dts renderer software be installed on ROCK?

Hi Danny, I own 3 Play-fi devices (2 PWAMPs and an Anthem AVM60) which I am quite satisfied with. I am a lifetime subscriber to Roon and is considering investing in a NUC with ROCK to use as Roon core instead of my laptop with Win 10 and dts play-fi renderer that I now use exclusively as music server. The Dts play-fi renderer works with this setup but is rather unstable so I would like to get rid of the PC.
Is there ANY possibility to install the dts renderer software with Roon core on a NUC w. ROCK??
If not, I will not be able to skip the PC and cannot make the change…
Kind rgds,
Jens Tångeberg

Hi Jens,

ROCK is designed to make a NUC into a Roon appliance. In order to do so it doesn’t permit a user to run any additional software. I have not heard of any proposals for that to change.

DTS Play-Fi appears not to support Linux, anyway.